I haven’t planned a lot of time for breathing or relaxing in Manhattan – I have meetings back to back on most days, and drinks and dinners every night, mainly with work contacts, although many of them blur the line between work and friends.

I’m excited tho – I miss New York’s energy and drive in London and love that the compact nature of Manhattan means you can get so much more done in a day. t’s strange for me each time I return to the city, having lived there. I don’t feel like a tourist at all; just a curious hybrid who know the city too well but still not enough.

I’m going to spend the flight from Heathrow to JFK compiling a list of all the things I need to do, from breakfast at my favourite diner, to ferreting through my preferred vintage stores. I’m also planning a dedicated New York section for LLG Plays & Stays, a little travel microsite within LLG that will hopefully launch in January, and want to make sure I investigate interesting New York places, both old and new, to make sure they are as wonderful as I think they are.

I already feel sad at the thought of saying goodbye in two weeks time. I can guarantee that as I sit in the back of my yellow cab driving over the bridge to JFK that I’ll have tears pouring down my face.

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Reading about your new Plays&Stays section I thought I’d pass on the niftiest tool I’ve ever used for myself. You may already be aware but just in case….I’ve discovered the beauty of Google’s maps – you can make one for yourself and save it, adding places as you find them. If you’re a visual person like me, it helps to have everything laid out on a map when I run around a city, rather than simply listing addresses.

I started this one a long time ago for myself and add addresses as I read about them or as friends make recs. It contains food, hotels, places of historical interest (at least to me), and I use it whenever I go up to NYC. I also have one for London and the UK which contains 99% LLG Recommends spas/ hotels/shops/restaurants. You can keep the maps secret for yourself or share with whoever. And there’s room to write small blurbs about each location.

I just think they’re super and can’t wait to see what you recommend in NYC…a place that no matter how many times I travel to NY, there’s always something new to discover. Have fun!

My NYC map….


Good luck with missing NY. I dont think theres anything worse.


Mhm. Sounds a bit like a story that hasn’t had its proper ending yet. Have fun in New York, LLG. MMxx


Can I just say that @Erica’s suggestion is great – I’m going to look into the features that Google Maps offers and see whether I can use that as a way to capture all my New York experiences as well.

Poppy xox

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