So I’m off to America for two weeks or so. I was always scheduled to be in New York at the beginning of November for meetings, so when I was asked to speak on a panel at a global conference in Miami on the 8th, I decided to wrap my New York-ing around that trip.

That means LLG is US-based again for the second time in a month. I’ll be in Manhattan for three days this week, then I fly to Miami on Friday, leave again on Wednesday, and stay in New York until the 14th.

Packing has been driving me bonkers because I’m going to be in two climate zones, each with a wide range of requirements, on this trip. New York’s weather at the moment runs the gamut from snow to sunshine and I’ll be both brunch-ing with friends and taking serious meetings, and for Miami (80F) I need conference friendly attire, f**k off cocktail frocks AND beach kit.

Although I’ve been booked (by the conference client) on Business with British Airways, – which is a joy on so many levels, particularly because you can take up to three bags at maximum weight (32kg) – I do need to be able to actually lift my bags myself, and that makes three stuffed cases a stupid idea.

So I’m taking my biggest case filled with coats, Heat Tech, boots, layering pieces, and little numbers for all those work lunches & dinners in New York, my medium case packed with swimsuits, silk shirt dresses for work, party frocks & open toe heels for Miami, and my fantastic Tumi hard shell cabin case for the journeys with laptop, Kindle, Samsung Tablet and all the tech toys that make up my travelling office.

Well, that’s the plan. I’ve spent the evening digging out everything. My flat here in London is bigger than anywhere I’ve lived in the past few years, but its design means everything not used daily has to be packed away in high cupboards and drawers. I’ve already managed to rain down all my summer shoes on my head from a great height whilst manoeuvring their box out of storage, and only just remembered where I had stashed my beach stuff.

It’s all laid out in my dining room at the moment, as I try to pare it down. I’m an experienced enough traveller to know that I must only take things I wear frequently in London, as opposed to things that I think I might wear, but I still seem to have ten pairs of shoes, boots, & ankle boots for the NY part of the trip, and five pairs of wedges for Miami. And an awful lot of dresses, tights, handbags and beach cover ups. Etc etc etc etc….


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Feel your pain! Leave for Paris on thursday and am loathing all my clothes having just worn them all during the Aussie winter :((

Safe travels xxx


Packing is a subject close to my heart right now, flying from here to london no problem, one large case with a medium one plus a large soft holdall also inside – but on the way back? 3 stuffed to the brim cases/holdalls, I ‘may’ have over indulged on the on-line shopping 🙂 plus all the christmas pressies for my 3 daughters……………. eeek


Coming to my state, I see! It’s humid here; the degree of temperature seeming pleasant until one tries to dry one’s hair or works up a sweat doing something strenuous like drinking a cocktail or shaking hands with a business colleague.

I am packing for a trip to photograph places in Georgia where “Deliverance” was filmed, so I will leave the glamour stuff to you and hope you don’t sweat it too badly (and remember, it’s easy to be chic in Florida; just leave the flip-flops at the beach cabana).


Have a wonderful trip! You are so lucky to be allowed 3 suitcases. CherylBriard


but alas i get no beach time.. unfair! 🙁


I sort of love packing (the whole idea of minimalism and the ‘capsule wardrobe’ and outfit planning in advance…fun!), but unfortunately I nearly always make a balls of it. And historically, I’ve never managed to pack right for NYC (in spite of three years living there). It’s always warmer than I think it’s going to be. I find myself huffing around in itchy, sweaty wool while looking enviously at all the breezy, lithe-limbed ladies, feeling like Daisy to Gatsby: “Ah, you always look so cool.” (And no doubt the next time I go I’ll pack too light and freeze my brass balls off.)


I’m currently in NYC for business, and then Nashville for business so it’s almost two kinds of packing, but honestly — it’s sunny & bright here in Manhattan, ad going to remain so for the next few days. Have a great trip!

Personally, I prefer Virgin Upper Class to BA Business class for the trip home — the bed is better, and the duvets are gorgeous, but anything’s better than my usual economy [cattle] class style!


Have an amazing Trip. I love the states, go there all of the time! Enjoy! x


I love packing, but I get stressed about it. Especially going to New York. There’s always a bit of pressure to look awesome, which is a challenge when you beat the streets like I do. I swear by boots and arm loads of black clothes. Boring, I know but sensible and easy? Yes please!


I have exactly the same cases as you!

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