I spent most of today closeted in my study with a lovely guy who deals with all things tech. Whilst I’m reasonably savvy in that arena, (I do own a digital business, after all), essentially every time I need something new doing I have to teach myself how to do it, and I just don’t have time to learn on my own right now. So it makes sense to get someone in to go through my to-do list with me. That way it gets done super quickly (& forces me to do it), AND I learn – more or less – at the same time.

And goodness, we were productive. We got my brand shiny new Blackberry Torch connected, stripped hard drives, so I could finally dispose of all my old laptops, transferred data, got things to work, worked out why my broadband wasn’t reaching the kitchen, organised proper work email addresses for LLG, (I use gmail, but wanted to set up several XXX@libertylondongirl.com addresses that redirect to my gmail account), and assessed all my computer needs now and in the future as my business grows and made a shopping list to get all that in train.

It was gently suggested that I purchase a labelling machine and, after a quick trip to Maplins, I spent a lovely hour labelling every plug, device, phone and gadget I possess. Horrified at my two deep plastic boxes of snaking cables, he also forced me to tie them all up in rubber bands and sort them into separate boxes for computer, photo, phone, and store-just-in-case.

I cannot tell you just how happy all this makes me. Cheap at the price.

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ooohh, i so need to do this, have pile of laptops in corner of office in varying states of illness. resolved to purchase some external hard drives when in London (on TUESDAY!! – can you tell am excited), also label machine so we can identify plugs – top tip 🙂


@Ras Mbisi: If you can extract the hard drives – it’s easy with a screwdriver, then you can buy the correct caddies in places like Maplins that allow you to plug the laptop hard drives themselves into your new computer and strip off the info you need. LLGxx


Always saves a lot of time (and tears!) calling in the experts occasionally!


Got me thinking of a software designer friend of mine, he has another method of stripping his hardware: First he he boils it, then he cooks it in the oven for an hour, after that he drills wholes in it!


@Lisa Gusto: That is frickin’ GENIUS! LLGxx


You little geekette. I love it and in fact I think a tech guy to come and sort me out.


Oh the joy of an Autistic tech savy child, well he’s a man now but, he will sweep through all my hubby and my messes with his Auti -techy-magic wand and poof! tech heaven. He works in an ITC dept. He also has a non negotiable need to upgrade everything too , that’s expensive but hey we rarely have problems and never had any security issues ever (touches wooden table) Jx

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