Maybe instead of Recipe Friday, I should introduce Shoot Friday, because this was the second Friday in a row I was taking part in a photo shoot. This time it was for a magazine again, but instead of a portrait shoot, it was an on location fashion shoot. And, no, I wasn’t styling it. I was *deep breath* modelling the clothes for a fashion brand’s campaign in a Very Large Fashion magazine. (It’s out at the end of the month.)

Of course I shot the Hunter campaign, but that was just the one shot. This was FOUR looks. Although I still feel like a complete imposter – let’s face it, I’m not and never have been a contender in the model stakes, eighteen months after giving up my blog anonymity I am used, sort of, to being in front of a camera, as opposed to behind it. I don’t feel awkward moving around as directed, and know now how to incrementally move my body during set ups to capture the different angles required by the photographer.

Not that that means I get it right, but at least I now don’t just stand there like a self-conscious lemon. I learnt pretty quickly that, whilst I’m always going to feel like that inside, it’s essentially just time-wasting and disrespectful of all the crew hanging around to act like a coy teenager on set. They don’t think I’m showing off if I try to act like I know what I’m doing. They just think I am getting on with it.

We had SUCH a great crew (I LOVED the hair & make up by Athena & Peter) and were very lucky with the weather: bright sunshine, cloudless clear blue skies, orange falling leaves. With a call time of 0930hrs, we did the fittings, hair & makeup at Sunbeam Studios

(That’s me just before we left, with my hair pinned to stop the waves falling)

on Barlby Road in W10, west London, and then got into cars to go prance around Notting Hill.


One of the crew spotted a man walking his two huskies and, next thing we knew, he’d been persuaded to lend me Keiko, while Kyla looked on.


(That’s me above with our canine super-model, a husky named Keiko.)

We shot three looks, with me changing in the back of an estate car (it’s glamour all the way with me – I was asked if I minded not going back to the unit base to change in between each look, and of course I said no – as if anyone’s going to care about me wriggling into a pair of tights on a street corner.)

Before we knew it, the clock had hit 1530hrs, so we zipped back for a very late lunch at the studio (Chicken & chorizo stew, lentil & spinach lasagne, roasted butternut squash)


before heading to Pizza East on Portobello to do my portrait shot, whilst I sat outside pretending to drink a cappuccino, wearing f**k off red lipstick, and bouffy hair, with a large audience gathered watching the set up.

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You look gorgeous! Were you happy with each look? I’m used to be such a sucker on shoots and ended up buying at least one thing I had to wear! xx


@Top Bird @ Wee Birdy: I was – but then I styled it! LLGxx


congrats- this is all very amazing. look at those pins! swoon. x shayma


@s: Lovely Shayma! Thank you LLGxx


You look amazing!! I am in LOVE with the sunglasses!! x


@Katie Bowkett: Thanks darling! They’re also Diesel! LLGxx


just stunning, mashallah. many congrats. x s


Hi have just recently discovered you via the Red magazine feature. Loving your work as they say! You’re on my faves list.

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