I made butternut squash soup for the first time for my supper party on Wednesday night. (Basically I just wanted to use my grandmother’s Mason Ironstone soup bowls.)

It’s rare that I cook directly from recipes: I like to read cookbooks in bed or by the fire, as I would any book but, unless I am baking, which calls for precision in measurements, I generally just make things up in the kitchen as I go along. That’s why everything on LLG is my own method, unless otherwise credited. (Although, let’s face it, proper originality in the food world is almost impossible.)

Really, I had absolutely no idea how to go about this, but I was so stupidly busy this week – I did the shopping for supper at 11pm in a Sainsbury’s (as opposed to heading to, say, my local farmers market or secret market stall), on Monday night – that I just didn’t have time to look up any recipe.

My main concern was that it wouldn’t have enough flavour or texture. So on Tuesday night, the moment I got in the door from Ravinder’s dinner, I halved a large squash, scooped out the gunk, splashed it with olive oil, and roasted it in the oven for an hour or so until it was soft through. I left it to cool overnight & whacked it in the fridge in the morning.

Next evening I took a second small squash, hacked it into large cubes (didn’t bother to remove the rind – it’s a pain and takes forever) and boiled it up with some vegetable stock. Meanwhile I grabbed last night’s squash from the fridge. It looked pretty stringy, but I peeled off the skin and scraped the flesh into my Magimix. When the second squash was soft, I peeled that and added it to the food processor.

I whizzed it into submission for longer than you’d think so it was a super smooth bright orange paste. (Paranoid about the stringy bits.) Then I scooped it out into a large saucepan, poured in boiling water and whisked away to make a thick liquid, sort of half way between a puree and a soup. (Go slowly on the water – it’s easier to add than it is to take away). I added a large dessertspoon of Marigold Vegetable Bouillon Powder, black pepper and a little salt to round out the flavour, before simmering for five minutes.

Just before serving I added a slug of single cream and heated it through. That’s it, basically. One large squash + one small one made enough (just as a first course) for six people. Obviously if you wanted a thinner soup it would go further.

Butternut Squash
Boiling water
Vegetable stock – I like Marigold Vegetable Bouillon

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Yum! Squash soup is so perfect for this season. I need have some! I also love using antique plates, etc. from my Grammies. Cheers. Have a good weekend!


Nice crockery. My mum is going through a phase of collecting Masons’ stuff at the moment. Looks good soup too. Am going to make pumpkin lakhsa this weekend from Nigel Slater’s kitchen diaries. Your soup reminded me of it.


I have the same soup bowls (from my Granny), when i make butternut or pumpkin soup i roast them with cinnamon and cardamon, and use coconut milk instead of water – is fabulous, teeny bit of chili and some coriander when served 🙂 reminds me, must do a blog on making coconut milk, i do live on a coconut plantation after all.


Squash is such a great autumn flavour. I love it with a little chilli, coriander and cumin – roasted, or cooked simply in a tomato sauce and served with rice, or boiled and blitzed into a soup. Next time I’ll roast it and then blend into a soup. Thank you for another lovely receipe – I too love to see what’s looking good at our fabulous farmers’ market in Roath,Cardiff, finding inspiration from cookery books and then trying out my own ideas… usually works!

I’ve also had my share of dinner party disasters but they’re easily solved by opening another bottle of wine I find ….


OMG! Have to make this soup now, it’s looking amazing! Happy halloween!


One of my staple winter warming soups!
I roast for an hour, on high heat ,(you need the slightly chard edges)
cubed but not peeled butternut squash/ or pumpkin but peel that as it doesn’t soften enough/ sweet potatoes and red onions with olive oil /cumin seeds/ Spanish smoked paprika and then put in a large saucepan with a minced garlic clove some veg bouillon or chicken stock if non veggie and hand blend till smooth(yep skin too)and re heat; at the end i add half can of half fat coconut milk and a small nob butter or chilli oil and masses black pepper to taste. serve with strong cheddar chunks and garlic ciabatta bread.And cold glass of white wine. yummo!


our family favorite is Butternut squash and sweet potato and carrotsroasted in oven. then blended with stock or cubes. yummi x


@janie: i shall certainly try janie s recipe-it looks great. i do roast butternut squash and sweet potatoes with carrots but will add all the other ingredients next time. thanks.

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