Grayshott Spa

Given that for two years I pretty much lived on the road, since I’ve been back in the UK I’ve been putting quality over quantity where spending time with my girlfriends has been concerned.

Hotels are the gold standard for girlfriend catching up – we get to hole up with no distractions, and hang out. And spas are even better when your girlfriend is a stressed out mother of two, with baby number three on the way, and a need for peace and calm.

Which is why Tara locked her infants under the stairs, pointed her husband in the direction of the microwave and burned round the North Circular to Grayshott Spa Hotel in Surrey, a privately owned destination spa, for 24hrs  of treatments,  spa food and lolling about in a vast, comfortable and beautiful bedroom with me.

Grayshott Spa (12) Grayshott Spa (13)  Grayshott Spa (11) Grayshott Spa (2)

And, whilst we were hard pressed to waddle out of the deep comfort of our room, the gardens & grounds in autumn are equally rewarding, with swinging seats under the falling leaves (above, top),

Grayshott Spa

and plenty of lawns on which to wander about & crunch through said leaves:

Grayshott Spa

But when the lure of tea and a fire becomes too much, then there is this drawing room in which to gracefully collapse:

Screen shot 2011-01-16 at 21.00.13

Up late this week, our spa treatments, but I leave you with the video tour of our room:

Grayshott Spa

For more information about Grayshott Spa please visit or check out their blog, which has just re-launched with all sorts of videos, guest diaries and expert tips.

Sasha Wilkins of was a very happy (& very calm by the time she left) guest of Grayshott Spa Hotel

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“….the UK’s only privately owned destination spa…”

What does that mean? The government owns the rest? Honestly, that struck me as odd.


@Erica: You are right Erica, it’s maybe not as clear as it could be,. I will amend it. Basically it means that it stands alone, is not part of a group or chain.LLGxx


@LLG: Thanks! I thought, jeez. I’m jealous. You ladies have all the luck. I’ll bet that’s a great deal to have the govt running spas! Presumably they’d be non-profit. (=low cost) 🙂


Sasha, the combination of your lovely voice and your skill to describe things in such a charming manner, you would have the ability to make my pokey, under-decorated little apartment in inner city Melbourne, sound exquisite.


@Meaghan: Oh bless you Meaghan – thank you so much. LLGxx


It looks lovely – and as ever, you sound lovely too… but as you always stay as a ‘guest’ would you really tell us if you found something unpleasant in the bathroom? Or (later this week) if one of the spa therapists had lousy people skills?


@MrsL: Hi Mrs L, actually, I don’t! I often stay at places under my own steam, and write about them too! I don’t take group press trips laid on by travel PRs, cover my own travel 99% of the time, and rarely travel just to stay at a hotel. Most of my hotel stays are part of a bigger trip or something I am doing for work. (This spa was one of the exceptions, as obviously it was a destination in itself.)

And you may have missed hotel stories where I have mentioned things I don’t like. My hotel stories are always balanced: if I do like somewhere, but something needs addressing, I mention it. Off the top of my head, look at two hotels which I liked very much: the AC Barcelona, where I complained about the internet charges, or the The Scarlet where I was very cross about the lack of wi-fi which meant I had to work staring at a blank wall in the bedroom….

May I direct you to the About LLG section, where I lay out my ethical stall? I apply the same rules to LLG that I do to the rest of my journalism – I cut my teeth reviewing hotels for Conde Nast Traveller & for The Sunday Times, both of which have the strictest ethical policies. After all, I just cannot have one rule for LLG, and one for my other journalism.

I would never EVER give a glowing report of ANYTHING if, in reality, it didn’t live up to expectations. NEVER.

Equally, in that section, I say: “Whilst I hope that events I attend, samples I receive, or places I visit will furnish copy, I reserve the right not to post a relevant story in all cases.” Being given something, be it product or a stay, doesn’t not guarantee coverage on any of the outlets in which I write.

Sometimes I stay somewhere (comped) whilst I am on a trip (I very rarely go anywhere just to stay in a hotel – this spa was one of the exceptions, as it was a destination in itself) & I just don’t like the hotel; maybe it’s noisy, or the atmosphere is wrong, or the service sucks. So in that case, I just won’t write about it. It’s pointless. This blog isn’t a place to whinge about that kind of stuff.

(BTW Transparency is one of the reasons why I do videos: it means you can see EXACTLY what I see. We all know photos don’t always tell the truth.)

Hope that clarifies things a bit. LLGxx


Just to support MrsL – I had the very same question on my mind (for some time already) !


@lady jane grey: I’m always glad when people ask me about thing, and it’s why I have a clear ethics disclosure in the About Me section. Really it’s simple. If somewhere blows, I don’t write it up, so you can rest assured that if it makes it on here, then I thought it was excellent.

Of course I could just not make the disclosure that I was a guest somewhere, but I believe in complete transparency, which I am sure you realise having read here for a while! LLGxx


What a beautiful place to stay. How beautiful is England this time of year? I can think of no better way of treating a best friend who just happens to be pregnant! Your posts brighten up the dullest day. Many thanks again, Michelle xx


Of course the better the hotel, the less likely the cucaracha in the loo. But not all escape real and present dangers at luxury resorts; witness the vacationer bitten by a cottonmouth while strolling the gentle grounds of a resort in Orlando. I therefore submit that dear LLG might brave quite a bit more than one might realize, even if above country spa is a major exception. There was, if I might remind readers, the luxury parasite, too (not the fault of the hotel, mind you).


It looks amazing, and ,as always, I’ve absolutely enjoyed watching your video. I hope you and your friend had a lovely time x

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