As many of you know, I was anonymous for a long time – well, long in social media terms. From 2006-2010, LLG was written from behind a veil. It gave me what often felt like unlimited freedom. I never had to dissemble, or pretend to be, think or say anything other than the absolute, unvarnished truth.

Since the brilliant editors at Grazia & I colluded on a three page interview feature & photo shoot during London Fashion Week in Feb 2010, where I gave up my anonymity for good, my life has changed in so, so many ways.

I was scared rigid about coming out as the author of LLG. I was worried people would be disappointed to discover that it was me behind it, that people would now take potshots, that it might now get personal with a face at which to throw things. (Those pesky internet trolls lurk around every corner.)

I’ve had to rein in the free speech a little. Not just for my sake, but for that of my family and friends (& the  faithful dog) who were now easily identifiable and certainly never made a conscious decision to appear on the blog. It took me a while to get back in the swing of things, once my name was attached, but when I did go back to talking about things that were personal to me, you were all so supportive.

But I could never have predicted how it would have changed my life, attaching my name to the blog. Hell, I’ve won awards, signed with an agent (hello lovely Richard at Curtis Brown!), and it’s me as LibertyLondonGirl fronting the Hunter Boots AW11 advertising campaign in Vogue et al. And, best of all, I get to meet my readers in person.

So, when I saw that social media’s biggest fashion sensation, the anonymous Tweeter & Tumblr-er DKNY PR Girl, who wrote the template for fashion brands building a profile online, had decided to go for broke and give up her anonymity, (Hello Aliza Licht!) I cheered. (I can’t pretend that I didn’t know who it was – I used to run the fashion department on a US magazine.)

I know that for Aliza, as it was for me,  it will be one of the best personal and professional decisions she’ll ever make. Congrats girl! And here’s to even more FREEDOM!

And here is her big reveal video (if reading this on my daily newsletter, you’ll need to click through to my site to watch it):

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I haven’t watched the vid yet, but let me just say: guuurl, you are totally Deneuving it in that pic.


Loved you when you were anonymous and loved you even more when you revealed your identity and we could put a face to the words. Delighted that the lovely Aliza has followed in your footsteps.

The world is your oyster, girls!


I think it’s fantastic to put a face to the adventures! I love that you girls are making a career doing what you love and believe that those reading always walk away with a slice of happiness. Christine.x


Jesus, I almost broke out in stress hives watching Aliza in action. My favorite bit is the part where she clips “we’re really late right now, I’ve got news for you,” and the immaculately groomed man standing beside her suddenly looks like he shat his pants.


Good for you! and Congratulations!!!


What a great video, thanks for posting.


I have been a fan of DKNY PR Girl ever since she got onto Tumblr. It’s really good to finally see the face behind the computer.


Good for you! I remember reading your interview and cheering to it.


I really enjoy your blog I always liken it to a really good magazine.
From a personal point of view I can see how revealing your identity must have been scary and could totally change what you felt able to write,but I think your blog is enhanced by it.

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