I was in such a tizz on Friday. Lil’sis and I were determined to leave London by 1530 because it was the start of half term and the AA road report promised shocking traffic jams on the M1. Apart from the hideous boredom of sitting still on the motorway, lil’sis has been known to get unbearable MS spasms in her legs if she sits still for too long.

Unfortunately lil’sis was running late, my shoot over ran, I had a birthday hobby horse to drop off for my godson en route to picking up lil’sis from hospital, and I discovered that I had left umpteen bags of books in the boot/trunk of my car so I had to empty it all out, running up and down the stairs like a bloomin’ hamster, before packing in my weekend bag and assorted junk.

In my tizz, I managed to leave my Hunters sitting in my hallway, turning up at my mother’s in the thigh high suede boots I was wearing in London, with just a pair of scarlet patent heels in the boot. But, no matter, as my mother’s RHS Hunter clogs were waiting for me to steal.


We woke late, and I did a full English for brunch: happy pig sausages & bacon from the Co-Op, poached eggs, baked beans, piles of toast, so-strong-you-cld-stand-a-spoon-in-it coffee & croissants & home made jam to follow. Then it was writing all afternoon before taking the hounds out for a trot down the lane by my mother’s new cottage.





I cooked a simple 10minute supper out the fridge: a stirfry of leeks, cabbage, kale, long stemmed broccoli & spinach with dark, light soy sauce, sesame oil & a pinch of sugar, served with thin strips of sauted pork loin in hoisin sauce over noodles. Then Strictly Come Dancing (the original version of Dancing with the Stars) which is cult viewing in the UK and many, many Kit Kats. (Packing on a layer of fat for the winter.)

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beautiful photos!


Love Love Love your dog! We used to have one just like her when we were growing up! miss him so so much!
Thought I’d share this… and on sale!


Sounds pretty close to heaven to me!! Have a lovely weekend all of you

Briony xx


Have you started to eat meat again? I’d like to know about the transition because I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 20 years, and I am now considering introducing small amounts of meat into my diet again (long story).


Wow lovely photos, I can’t believe the weather in England is still this amazing!


Wonderful photos, (haven’t we been lucky with the weather this weekend) particularly the one of the dogs trotting down the lane together – and arranged in size order as well! Your mother’s beautiful blue whippet is gorgeous – I’m totally besotted.


Posetta is wicked, what a fantastic expression.


heaven. can’t imagine a better way to spend the weekend, and in october with the haw berries and the leaves changing. hope your mamma is enjoying her new cottage. much love to you all xx

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