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My friend Emily, who gave up her career in magazines to manage (very good) bands, had her band The Loom do a series of guest blogs on LLG about touring last year. (You can read them here and here.)

Nearly one year later, their upcoming gig at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan is in NPR’s pick for CMJ’s Music Marathon, (when more than 900 bands play throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn over the course of five days), they have an album, Teeth, coming out on November 1, and are about to hit the road for several long, hard weeks of touring (dates are at the bottom). They’ve also shot their first-ever music video, which was fun and inspiring, but also gruelling for at least one hapless band member…

The Loom’s singer John Fanning gives LLG readers the inside track on what it’s like behind the scenes on a music video shoot.

“I think making the video for the song “For the Hooves That Gallop, and the Heels That March” from Teeth was one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve yet to have as a band. Aside from when we used to project old film reels behind us while we played, this was really the first time that we had the opportunity to create a visual interpretation of our music, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Plus, it was such a pleasure and a privilege to work with our friend Ben Stamper, who directed the video. We know each other from shows we’ve played together with his band Ben + Vesper, whose music I love and admire, but I didn’t know until recently what a skilled filmmaker he was.

I’d had the location in upstate New York in mind for a long time, as a kind of magical place that it would be great to run around and try to craft a miniature universe out of, plus a vague storyline that Ben and I worked together to solidify. It was one of those rare instances that felt really special because it seemed like we were actually able to bring the world we were picturing in our heads to life.

Also, given that none of us is an actor, it was fun to try that on briefly, from the minor “acting” we did in the video, to assembling the various objects our bassist Dan collects throughout it, to talking our friends into donning their killer bird costumes.

That said, I don’t know that Dan appreciated Ben spontaneously pouring water over his head and smearing mud all over his face, or the fact that he had to spend a day wandering around in the rain carrying a pile of objects that must have weighed at least 80 pounds. But hey, I think the rest of us probably still have shards of glass in our shoes from the greenhouse floor, and splinters in our hands from that rickety old ladder, so I guess it all evens out.

Our record release show is this Friday night at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan – come out and celebrate with us! You can buy tickets here.”

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You can listen to the Loom here, follow their touring adventures at @theloommusic and see them play here.

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