I adore pop-up books, and the way in which the good ones don’t just pop but tell a multi-layered story.  Fabulous illustrator Jennie Maizels’ Pop-up London doesn’t just show London’s glorious architecture, but tells the history of the city too. From the front, it’s all about the buildings, and snippets of clever info – the river lifts up to show the tube underneath, the Thames has Oxford & Cambridge boats rowing along, from the back are the stories of the people inside those buildings and more snippets of historical juice.


I can’t think of a better present for any child, and especially one that might be visiting London soon. I gave this copy to my four year old godson on his birthday, and most recent reports tell me that he loved spotting all the little details. This is a book that could be read and looked at again and again and still something funny, clever or beautiful would, er, pop up again.

IMG_2810 IMG_2813

IMG_2803 IMG_2805

Pop-up London by Jennie Maizels £14.99 

Jennie also makes these wonderful patches to iron onto clothes. Available from



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*Goes straight on Amazon website* That’s all. 🙂


Ditto. Just bought two. Hurrah!


it’s fabulous! i found at a garage sale this incredible pop-up adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ Chornicles of Narnia and my 2 year old loves it – read it to her once and now she reads it to me. will definitely have to order this one. thx:)


This is just what i need, taking 5 & 3 year old to London next week, will come in very usefull, thanks!


We have this book in our NW London bookshop and I spend far too much time looking at it. I completely love it.


Gorgeous and bought. My four year old son adores a pop-up Peter Pan book from my childhood, complete with Mabel Lucy Atwell -style illustrations. Thank you for bringing Jennie to us.


Very cool


So glad you all love it! Immensely rewarding when when you all agree with me over something I think is fantastic. LLGxx


Ooh, I love pop-up books too! I just ordered this one for my niece in Oxford… thanks for the recommendation! She is turning 4 too. 🙂

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