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I know it’s a bit unusual for me to run two music posts in a week, but I am SO excited for one of my best friends, Ayla Owen, who is the (very important) Head of Music at record label The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music, (part of ad agency BBH.)

So, whilst I was in America I got invited to the launch of  Yeo Valley’s (an excellent independent UK organic dairy) new £5million pop video campaign. Yup, they blew their entire yearly ad spend on forming a boy band, The Churned, commissioning a song about farming and playing it in The X Factor ad break.

So far so mildly interesting – I think Yeo Valley are ace (I eat their DELICIOUS yoghurt for breakfast every day and, as many of you know, I am a country girl at heart, so loved the idea of a boy band singing about tractors etc. But it’s not the kind of thing I generally cover.

Then I saw the ad on YouTube, thought it was BRILLIANT, and Tweeted it out…

Only THEN did I discover that Yeo Valley’s ad agency is BBH, and therefore The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music had produced the song i.e darling Ayla & her lovely music supervisor Julz Baldwin. (With lyrics drafted by BBH creatives Martin Reid & Jonny Durgan)

Proud? HELL YES! Ayla & Julz -you are AMAZING.

Apart from the ad being fantastic, no other branded advertising soundtrack has ever entered the Official Singles Chart at a higher position, and the video has since clocked up over 265,000 plays on YouTube  (YeoTube!) and has generated 10.8million tweet impressions.

Love it when my girlfriends KICK ASS.


The Churned’s ‘Forever’ is available to download on iTunes and is available as a ringtone from the Yeo Valley website

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I wrote about this one for work – it made me laugh so much and I think it’s a brilliant, stand-out advertising idea. Kudos to your friend.


@nappyvalleygirl: ooh interesting! I am just super super proud of Ayla, it’s so clever. LLGxx


Hilarious – I do love me some cheesy boy band videos.
The Dairy Farmers of Ontario did something similar with the “milk rap”


@Irene: Fab! Thanks for sharing. LLGxx


Haha this is so great! I live near Yeo Valley! I can’t believe they actually got a boyband! Will definitely be downloading this 🙂 xxxx


It’s good – but I still think the Yeo Valley rap song last year was better …!

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