I’ve had a LOT of requests for Basset action, and I like to please, so here are Max (left) and Finchley (right) doing their thing with aplomb. I’m back in England now, and pining for my babies. (I was staying with the boys two years ago when Finch arrived a very small puppy, so I do feel very connected.) Y emailed me to tell me, “I can say that Finch was very upset not to find you in the guest bedroom this morning.” Sniff.



(Finch – above)


Max contemplating the universe. Okay – he’s actually contemplating snacks.


Finch – master of all he surveys – above


Max – contemplating the universe (above)


Give me the snacks. NOW. (Finch, above)


Anyone else realise how tricky it is to shoot still lives when a baby Basset wants in? (Finch, above)


It’s so hard being bad…(Finch, above)

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Love love love the basset photos!

A lovely way to start the day.

Thanks LLG xxxx


Such a lovely post! Your basset hounds are so sweet…


Their little legs drive me wild. Sooo… cute.


My God… I love these dog posts you make 🙂 These boys are just too adorable. I want to squeeze them!


I just love these guys, my heart is melted!


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww…. lovely heart-melting pumpkins. Don’t normally comment on your post, but being a crazy dog person I just had to. I wish I could cuddle with these guys right now.


They have made my day!!!!!!!


Oh my goodness – this is cruel! I want those gorgeous bassets all to myself!
So happy you had a such a lovely time with them and enjoyed your NJ break.
And on a side note – I love the way your blog constantly changes and evolves – that’s life!


I don’t talk baby talk to children but these pictures make me want to rub those velvety ears and go goo goo over those boys all day! Between them and the gorgeous food I don’t know how you were able to leave! As always, thanks for feeding the basset addiction 🙂


Oh reminds me of the basset Henry we had when I was a ‘wee’ girl. He used to climb a 3 foot fence and come to my school a 15min walk away or my uncles butchers shop which was 20mins away. Unfortunately he liked to eat stones and after too many op’s went in to kidney failure and had to be put down 🙁

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