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When I lived here in Colt’s Neck back in 2009, I was broke. Proper stone cold broke. Just enough money to pay my debt repayments each month and that was it. So, I didn’t go shopping. Ever. And I didn’t think about shopping or research it – if you read the blog from back then you’ll see it was basically dogs and cooking.* So I never realised that 15mins down the road was a vast outlet shopping centre – sort of like Bicester Village in the UK, but not nearly as chic.

But, I discovered on Monday, what it lacks in chic, it makes up for in an alluring array of brands amongst the hideous dross-filled discounters (someone is not curating their store offer very well). There’s a J Crew & an excellent Theory which both do their best not to feel like outlet stores, along with a Banana Republic, DKNY, Michael Kors, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Burberry (with some lovely wallet-bashing Prorsum), Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Elie Tahari, Juicy Couture, Converse ($14 kids ones were a partic bargain), CrewCuts (J Crew for children), Gap Outlet, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste & Tommy Hilfiger.

I’m not a fervent shopper because so little out there fits my top heavy shape, but outlets are a great place to go if you have a figure that isn’t so usual, as those are exactly the kinds of pieces that end up in discount dream world.  So I did very well this trip, mainly in J Crew. Which was pleasing as I am a fervent Jenna Lyons fangirl. All the rack prices in the store are much lower than normal retail – and then nearly everything has extra reductions, often going twice down, so the final bill was a lot less than I had calculated as I shopped.

I’ve been wearing this grey jacket over my denim cutoffs, with the stripy T layered under the J Crew navy merino sweatshirt I also bought, and a bright orange lipstick I found in the MAC outlet.

IMG_2750 IMG_2738
J Crew Cotton Blaine Jacket $148 w/reduction sticker to $119.97 w/ another 30% off = $83.98
J Crew Classic-stripe Tissue Tee $29.50 w/ reduction sticker = $17.70

IMG_2730 IMG_2708

Lovely Bobbie Brown lippie in Guava from The Cosmetics Company (Estee Lauder Outlet) $11.67
J Crew Sunset necklace $34.50, reduced to $12.97  w/ 30% off = $9.08
(This is to wear in Miami on the beach next month.)


J Crew Crystal Cloud Earrings $34.50 w/sticker reduction = $24.15


J Crew Crystal Cobblestone Bracelet $29.50 W/ sticker reduction = $20.65

IMG_2760 IMG_2728

And finally a little bit of Banana Republic for my work trip to Miami.
Cotton stretchy dress $69.99 20% off   = $55.99
Top $49 with 40% off = $29.99

I also bought a J Crew navy merino boyfit sweatshirt reduced from $64.50 to $19.35. But I love it so much that I am wearing it, so no photos.

Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, One Premium Outlets Blvd, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753

* (To those who bitch that my blog has changed, well, ten out of ten for observation – it has always reflected my life which, unsurprisingly, changes. You know, cos it’s a personal blog recording what I get up to? The best so far was the person who bemoaned the fact that I no longer wrote a dating blog. I did? Really? If you say so, dear, if you say so. (Out of 2,103 blog posts there are precisely 33 on dating.) Anyway, now that I am earning again, I occasionally shop and so I occasionally write about it, just as I wrote about my shopping back in 2007 when I was working as a stylist. *sighs*. I am not “presenting a myriad of offerings in the fashion press”. Whatever that means. I do wish people who like to pontificate would actually bother to read me.)

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Oh gosh, some people need to get a life instead of bitching about you living your own life. I love the mix of stuff on your blog and think you’ve always made it clear what it is and isn’t.

Your blog inspires me to cook different food, look at clothes differently and appreciate the beauty around me.


I love how your blog changes it up! It’s like dropping in on a friend and seeing what she is up to. I get tres bored of blogs that are ‘Here is me in a different outfit but in the same pose shot by my same boyfriend’. The only blogs I have bookmarked and regularly go to are ones that have a personality and a narrative that is usually borne from the authors life. I always get the feelign you don’t edit your blog to make it seem like your life is all rosy and ‘in instagram’ which is what I appreciate and I am sure is what has been able to make this your full time job and a valuable brand because people don’t feel like you’re trying to flog them stuff for a free lippy.

Anyway, love the bargains and bring on the variety!



I would add that I love reading your blog and your evolving life is what makes it fresh and interesting. I personally love your recipes, the chickpea salad with feta and the peaches with mustard dressing have become firm family favourites. I also tried frying gnocchi for the first time after your recommendation, it was great. Thank you!


Love JCrew! Cannot wait for my next trip to the States for some good outlet shopping:-)


I love the fact that sometimes I look at your blog and it is a recipe, sometimes it is about a lost dog and sometimes fashion. Love it!!!


I think your blog is perfect the way it is. I read it every day. The only other blog I read daily is french essence – because I think of both of you have such a poetic, mature and charming way of writing. One which I aspire to. I gain inspiration for my own, relatively new blog by what and how you blog. I find that many things you write about in your day to day life are similar to my life. I too am single, I love food & wine, I have changed careers, been lost in terms of what to do next, have had no money and adore travel. (oh and dogs) Reading your blog is sometimes my litle pick me up. Don’t change a thing.

I’m envious of your J Crew purchases. We can’t buy them at all in or from Australia. Our only option is to buy the odd outrageously expensive piece from


It’s not knowing what to expect that keeps me coming back to your blog! Always genuine, interesting, often amusing and sometimes a little bit sad. Some of my favourite posts were the ones involving helping to pack up the family home….if those offerings don’t say “personal blog” I don’t know what does. Thanks for sharing with us out here!


I totally agree with all of the comments above, I rarely comment, but I read all your posts, it is your personality and writing style that I love! Ignore the trolls! All the best, Sam x


I wore that striped tissue tee today in the reverse colourway! I love it for fall . . .


@Miss Cavendish: Great minds think alike! LLGxx


Hi – I’ve recently started reading your blog and think it’s great – would agree with all the comments about the mixture of content – you never know what you’re going to be reading about!

My in-laws live near the Jersey Premium Outlets and we went there on our last visit, also loved J Crew. Planning on trying out Orchard place next visit

Claire x


@Claire: Thanks Claire! And small world! Do chk out Delicious Orchards, but try not to go on a weekend, as it is RAMMED! LLGxx

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