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When I lived here in Colt’s Neck back in 2009, I was broke. Proper stone cold broke. Just enough money to pay my debt repayments each month and that was it. So, I didn’t go shopping. Ever. And I didn’t think about shopping or research it – if you read the blog from back then you’ll see it was basically dogs and cooking.* So I never realised that 15mins down the road was a vast outlet shopping centre – sort of like Bicester Village in the UK, but not nearly as chic.

But, I discovered on Monday, what it lacks in chic, it makes up for in an alluring array of brands amongst the hideous dross-filled discounters (someone is not curating their store offer very well). There’s a J Crew & an excellent Theory which both do their best not to feel like outlet stores, along with a Banana Republic, DKNY, Michael Kors, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Burberry (with some lovely wallet-bashing Prorsum), Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Elie Tahari, Juicy Couture, Converse ($14 kids ones were a partic bargain), CrewCuts (J Crew for children), Gap Outlet, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste & Tommy Hilfiger.

I’m not a fervent shopper because so little out there fits my top heavy shape, but outlets are a great place to go if you have a figure that isn’t so usual, as those are exactly the kinds of pieces that end up in discount dream world.  So I did very well this trip, mainly in J Crew. Which was pleasing as I am a fervent Jenna Lyons fangirl. All the rack prices in the store are much lower than normal retail – and then nearly everything has extra reductions, often going twice down, so the final bill was a lot less than I had calculated as I shopped.

I’ve been wearing this grey jacket over my denim cutoffs, with the stripy T layered under the J Crew navy merino sweatshirt I also bought, and a bright orange lipstick I found in the MAC outlet.

IMG_2750 IMG_2738
J Crew Cotton Blaine Jacket $148 w/reduction sticker to $119.97 w/ another 30% off = $83.98
J Crew Classic-stripe Tissue Tee $29.50 w/ reduction sticker = $17.70

IMG_2730 IMG_2708

Lovely Bobbie Brown lippie in Guava from The Cosmetics Company (Estee Lauder Outlet) $11.67
J Crew Sunset necklace $34.50, reduced to $12.97  w/ 30% off = $9.08
(This is to wear in Miami on the beach next month.)


J Crew Crystal Cloud Earrings $34.50 w/sticker reduction = $24.15


J Crew Crystal Cobblestone Bracelet $29.50 W/ sticker reduction = $20.65

IMG_2760 IMG_2728

And finally a little bit of Banana Republic for my work trip to Miami.
Cotton stretchy dress $69.99 20% off   = $55.99
Top $49 with 40% off = $29.99

I also bought a J Crew navy merino boyfit sweatshirt reduced from $64.50 to $19.35. But I love it so much that I am wearing it, so no photos.

Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, One Premium Outlets Blvd, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753

* (To those who bitch that my blog has changed, well, ten out of ten for observation – it has always reflected my life which, unsurprisingly, changes. You know, cos it’s a personal blog recording what I get up to? The best so far was the person who bemoaned the fact that I no longer wrote a dating blog. I did? Really? If you say so, dear, if you say so. (Out of 2,103 blog posts there are precisely 33 on dating.) Anyway, now that I am earning again, I occasionally shop and so I occasionally write about it, just as I wrote about my shopping back in 2007 when I was working as a stylist. *sighs*. I am not “presenting a myriad of offerings in the fashion press”. Whatever that means. I do wish people who like to pontificate would actually bother to read me.)

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That stripey breton tee is PERFECT! Will look so amazing on you with the orange lipstick, as you say.

And personally, I love blogs that change? Not only because how often can one write the same thing and keep it interesting, but also because it shows the blog is growing and evolving with the author and their readers. Ignore anyone who whinges (you’re not *forcing* them to read, after all).

Briony xxxx


@A Girl, A Style: It’s fab, but a bit alarming on its own! I’m wearing it layered under my merino sweatshirt – it works brilliantly as it has really long sleeves, and is long in the body.

And, exactly…people love to pigeonhole, but the whole point is that LLG is not a fashion blog, or an anything blog – it’s just the jumble that goes on in my head…LLGxx


I agree! I love personal blogs for that very reason.
Good finds at JCrew outlet! They often run the additional percent off sales there and you can really find some great buys.


@Pamela: Amazing reductions, esp considering the prices on the rail are def huge discounts to start. LLGxx


Well done, s-a-l-e s one of my favorite 4 letter words. re: new blog, I must admit I miss the hotel reviews on video. You had a charming way of making every room sound fabulous. Maybe you’ll do one again soon?


@george: Thank you George. I’ve been a bit sensitive on the hotel video front since some charmer commented that LLG seemed like one big promotional tool. (As opposed to me documenting where I was staying. God people really do miss the point sometimes.) I’ll get on it! LLGxx


I will give you an update from Portland … the vintage capital of the west it would seem! I am sure to hit a few outlets on route from LA to Vancouver.. you know I won’t be able to resist. Also the Nike factory store is calling …


@Wardrobe Slave: +JEALOUS. You know I’ve always wanted to do the Vancouver/Seattle/Portland road trip. Keep me posted, send Crystal my love, and see you for supper when you get back xxxx


Please don’t change, I’ve been reading you for years, and I love the eclectic variety, shopping, food, fashion, travel – whatever it is it’s always interesting and usually far removed from my own life (although do live in northants not too far from your mums old house)! That’s what makes reading this blog addictive and I do check most days! Please also keep up gratuitous dog photos!


@Ellie: Thank you Ellie! I promise you endless gratuitous hound photos and continuing eclecticism…LLGxx


Wow! People actually complain about the content of your personal blog? As though you owed them something they’re not paying for? And could read a bajillion other blogs that better suited their needs? That is bizarre.
I’m a veteran reader of your blog. I certainly don’t NEED to read it– we have very different lives, different tastes and I can already cook– but I LIKE to read it because you’re nice, you’re kinda girly and I rarely get to indulge my girly side (without some degree of environmentally-induced shame, that is), you have an interesting life and I like knowing what you’re up to, and occasionally, when I feel like commenting, I do, and that makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with other human beings, which is always good, even if you don’t know them personally. So basically, reading this blog is all about HUMAN CONNECTION for me. Those bitches who can’t feel the love should go buy a magazine.
(P.S: having said that, I totally think you should go on more dates and write about them. But I suppose that might be more dicey now that you’re no longer anonymous)


@annemarie: Yup, the same people who cannot grasp that if I am not dating, then I can’t write about dating, in the same way I don’t write about shopping if I ain’t got no dosh.

And, yes, whenever I am asked which blogs I read, I always say its about the people. And their endlessly fascinating lives that are always so different to mine. I like reading about stuff that isn’t in my quotidian reality. Whether or not I want to do that stuff, or be that person. (Usually neither.)

Sometimes the crits come because people think either LLG is a fashion blog and they just don’t get the random-ness, or the opposite which is that I am some kind of sellout fashion whore in thrall to fashion PRs. Usually both types of comments simultaneously. Which is kinda confusing, as I think it’s pretty clear LLG is neither thing. It’s just a place that reflects my life…and it’s annoying when I spend what seems like hours explaining in words of one syllable to PRs that no I’m not running a damn fashion news story as I am not a fashion news blog.

Altho I spose there is some kind of random flattery in that woman who thinks I wrote a dating blog if a mere 33 posts resonated that much with her three years ago. I would write about dating – probably in the abstract cos of the anon thing – but no one ever asks me on a date in bloody hidebound England.

Anyway, Anne Marie – I’ve said it before, so pls forgive the repetition, you are absolutely one of my most valued readers and commentators, and you stopping by to throw in your ten cents just about made my day, actually probably my week. (And I quite like being called girly. It’s not a word people usually use to describe me, my stroppiness and my near all black wardrobe, but I’ll take it. Thank you.)



Ah LLG, you are so wonderful! I think you are “girly” because you’re sensitive and compassionate, you like beautiful things, and you’re into clothes and make-up. I think I’m into all of those things too, but since I moved to the States, all my friends seem to be dudes (if you need any dates, ring my bell!) and I also work in an area where such things are seen as a bit frivolous (tossers!). It all makes for very big Skype bills. And I’m so glad and grateful to “have you”!


I love reading your blog and you write about such a variety of subjects I find it surprising that you could be pigeon-holed as any one particular ‘type’ of blogger either now or historically. Negative comments (that aren’t constructive) infuriate me beyond belief, but now I feel compelled to go back through your comments and find the bitchy ones. What’s wrong with me! Could you do another food post or something to distract me please? 🙂

Nicki x


@Nicki: Check the post above! Lovely cherry pie!

The bizarre dating observation was on another blog that shall remain nameless, in an otherwise quite interesting post. To be honest, I’m lucky in that I don’t get too much troll-ism – too many words on LLG for the properly stupid. They generally confine themselves to bitching about blogs with style photos of the blogger.

I do publish dissenting comments, because obviously not everyone can agree with all that I say but, as I say in the LLG FAQ, if people wish to have a difference of opinion with me, it would be splendid if they could avoid slander, insults, obscenity and general nastiness. The karma police WILL get them. (If Posetta Baddog doesn’t get there first.)

Anyway, much thank-ing from me for your lovely comment. LLGxx


Really, people are awful. I enjoy your blog so much, because I enjoy reading about your life and all your different adventures. I’ve never read it just for the fashion or the food, although I do love both, more because you write so well, whatever you cover is interesting and there is such as sense of personality behind the posts. I too enjoyed the hotel posts, because although I very seldom stay in such posh hotels, it’s nice to dip a toe into that world and hey – if I do need hotel suggestion, I know where to go.

And also you were so kind about taking the time to send me bridesmaid dress suggestions when I was having a bit of a meltdown about how to clothe a busty yet slim bridesmaid earlier in the year – your suggestions were extremely helpful. So the naysayers can just bloody well sod off.


@Clemency: Thank you so much! I don’t think anyone’s interests exist in a vacuum and I always hope that people who read LLG have the same kind of curious minds that I do…and re: the hotels – I LOVE hotels, I used to review them for Conde Nast Traveller, where I worked for nearly five years, and I adore poking around in them. And because this blog is about things I love doing, that’s why there are hotel stories here…(and, of course, I like staying in them too. Doh.) And when I was broke, it was damn handy.

And I’m so glad the bridesmaid-ing emails were helpful. I do try to always reply to ‘please help me’ emails…and is v satisfactory if they do indeed help. LLGxx


I adore your blog precisely because it does change. I love reading about your travels, fashion, dogs, your beautiful family home… everything! As a complete bonus you are the same shape as my daughter so you give me a little heads up in terms of what suits her.
Keep doing what you’re doing x


It’s so goofy that people come here for free and then expect to dictate what you should write for them. I come here because your life is interesting, and you write about it in a highly entertaining manner! Also I am a sucker for basset hound photos.

Also I am curious to see how your J Crew outlet haul holds up. I adore my tissue tees and the outlet ones seem to be the same as the regular ones, but I have had terrible luck with sweaters from there: pilling, stretching, shrinking, the works! Hope yours are all the good stuff!

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