This, to me, is quintessential Americana: Pie a la mode. Altho we changed things up a little, and went for cherry pie and served it with hazelnut gelato, as opposed to the more traditional apple pie & ice cream.

Of course, I didn’t make it: I know when to leave things to the experts. Delicious Orchards in Colt’s Neck, New Jersey, is known nationally for its pie. (The New York Times has written it up.) So Judy and I went a little crazy on Sunday, with cherry AND pecan. You know, just in case.

How can you not love a shop that has a sign like this?


IMG_2586 IMG_2585

I die.


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This is the perfect portion miniature pie !!! It’s so adorable and looks ridiculously good with the ice cream!!!




If that tastes as good as it looks… Can’t decide what to envy the most: the pie or the hairy flatmates you had during your New Jersey break! I mean the bassethounds, in case someone didn’t read previous posts! 😉


OMG, do they deliver overseas? I need this in my life.


Oh man, you have me so homesick with these posts. NJ has some AMAZING farm stands. Enjoy your delicious holiday!


@Danielle: Sorry sweetheart! I just love it here, so feel I have to post continuously about the amazing-ness of NJ. I do wish people didn’t just think JOISEY and JERSEY SHORE and those damn HOUSEWIVES. Gah. LLGxx


oh, oh, oh. I love cherry pie. I love the sour sweet juiciness of the hot cherries against the flaky butteriness of the pastry. Oh dear god that looks divine. We have no cherry pie here. None. *dives into biscuit tin as consolation*


@katyboo: mmmm that’s why I went cherry…I mean how often do you see cherry in the UK? It was good, real good, LLGxx


Oh wow, this makes me EVER so slightly jealous – that pie looks AMAZING! bet it tasted even better than it looks…


Americans really know how to do pie. I remember delicious farm stand pies from my childhood; peach, strawberry and rhubarb, apple, huckleberry, boysenberry, pumpkin and of course cherry! I used to live in one of the major cherry producing states. Another thing I miss is apple butter.


Oh good grief. That looks magnificent. Gotta love those Americans and their pies. xx


A New York based friend (Scouser by birth) put me on to the amazingly good cherry pie from M&S. Every time he comes home he has to have one. It’s not on this level – I LONG to go to this place – but really suprisingly good.


You know, if New Jersey has food like this and the amazing gardens we get to see in your photographs when you were staying with your friends there, I’m not sure why it gets made so much fun of nationally.

Unless the pies and gardens and greenery are totally separate from the excessive Jersey Shore tans or something.

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