Radio is one of my favourite things: I have a set in every room in the house, streaming through my Galaxy tab and smartphones, and I always have it on in the car, although I really only listen to two stations – BBC Radio 4 & BBC 6 Music, which between them just about cover everything in which I’m interested. (4 is a speech station, with news, comment, drama, comedy, books, film, gardening, arts coverage, and 6 is the home of new music, interesting tunes and classic indie stuff.)

Lauren Laverne’s 6 Music morning show is brilliant, a great mix of music and chat, absolutely one of my essential everyday listens, so I was thrilled to be asked to be a guest this morning, on her Website of the Week slot.

I have done a lot of radio commentary as a style person over the past ten years or so, but this is the first time anyone’s ever asked me on to talk about LLG, as opposed to some burning fashion issue of the hour, so it felt quite odd to be stripped of the comfort of just having to give an opinion on something random…

Anyway, I did it, and it’s online here for the next seven days if you fancy a listen. (I was on around 1040hrs).  I wasn’t nervous, just enthusiastic because I like Lauren (she’s a great interviewer – makes it seem effortless, when in fact she’s super well-prepared & briefed) and was enormously pleased that blogging is being taken seriously as a medium (as there are so many excellent blogs out there), so I was talking waaay too fast, so apologies for sounding like I had drunk too much espresso.

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I am a 44 year old man, but after listening to you today I wish I was you. Bye bye.


Great interview — well done.


Hello Sasha! It was a treat hearing your interview with Lauren Laverne. I love your blog and never miss a LLG post. Welcome back Stateside and have fun with those adorable bassets.


I tuned in and you sounded really great.

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