As regular readers will know, I sometimes ask people with an insider’s view to guest blog for me here on LLG, so I’m thrilled that Adriano Goldschmied, Founder and Creative Director for GOLDSIGN agreed to write a guest post for LLG.

I started wearing GOLDSIGN jeans last winter when Trilogy, the London-based denim store gave me a pair of skinnies. They aren’t cheap (in fact, they are pretty expensive), and I was curious to understand the justification for the price point. Because, let’s face it, there are plenty of over-priced pairs of denim out here. But my skinnies held their shape for days – where cheaper brands needed washing after a single wear to get the shape back, the GOLDSIGNs just pinged back, thanks to the quality & thickness of the denim and the Tubigrip-like strength.

And then there’s the effect that they have on my derriere…let’s just say my pancake-flat bottom looks almost curvy…So, I’m a convert…(My litmus test is: would I buy them myself? The answer is yes, I would. Similar-looking pairs from the High Street bought at the same time for around £40-50 gave up the ghost in under 2 months (baggy knees, fading, fabric thinning at the stress points). My Goldsigns have powered on through).

Now, over to Adriano:

“As someone who has been in the denim industry for over 35 years, people are always asking me about new innovations and denim trends. Here are some of my answers to the questions I am most often asked:

· Which cut and colour jean is the most timeless? If I can only afford to invest in one pair of designer jeans what should I go for?
None. The reason why jeans are so successful and on top of every woman’s shopping list is that they are always changing – from fit, fabric and wash. There are no rules in what is the best to buy. If you have to only choose one pair, I hate to answer, but choose the one that fits you the best, that you will feel good about and is the best for your body type.


· How do I know which shape of jeans suits my body shape? Who should wear skinny and who should wear flares?
The mirror will tell you…learn to have your own aesthetic, create your individuality and personal identity and follow what you think is good for your body and your mind. I don’t think that somebody should wear a skinny and somebody else a flare. The same person might be able to wear different styles in different situations with different shoes and tops. It is more about what you think.

· What do you predict the next big denim trend to be for SS12 and beyond?
I just saw a picture of Kate Moss from when she was 15. She was wearing a baggy jean, typical of that time and she looks absolutely amazing. That will be the fit for SS12. The baggy is back! Thanks, Kate…


· What has been your career highlight?
My greatest career highlight to date is hard to pick, I have been designing so long. I normally think about the future not as much about the past. If I have to think about something, my mind goes to Bo-Bo Kaminsky in 1983, everything about those jeans were the opposite of today’s current rules, and I still love it!

· What makes denim such a wardrobe staple, why does it never go out of fashion?
It never stops changing…and nothing is more fashionable than jeans.

· If you could give one piece of style advice or tip on how to wear jeans what would it be?
Take a lot of attention to your shoes and find the right way to wear your jeans. Some styles can be very different on, so work in front of the mirror and you will see… you just might be surprised!”


Here’s what Net A Porter have to say about Adriano & GOLDSIGN:

“LA-based designer Adriano Goldschmied, the man behind jeans giants Diesel and Replay, launched Goldsign in 2005 with a collection that took denim to couture-like levels of craftsmanship. The cutting-edge washes, signature stretch fabrics and hand-distressed detailing ensure that the quality of each pair of jeans is just as exclusive as their ultra flattering fit.”

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A question I’d love a premuim brand denim jeans designer to answer ….. given the average size of women is something near a 16 (or so we are continuously told anyway), why are NONE of the premium brands available in larger sizes?I’m a nearly 6 foot curvaceous size 16 (an looking around, pretty normal sized) and have never been able to find premium brand jeans to fit me. I’d love to understand why ……


I tried a pair of Goldsign jeans on once in NYC and they were a fabulous fit – didn’t buy them because it was my last day and I was in a rush. Think I need to revisit this brand!


LOVE this… I read years ago in US Vogue that he was opening a denim fashion school. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THAT IDEA ADRIANO???!

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