I found a solitary UK Harpers & Queen from 1978 languishing in our attic just before we moved. (Cost: 75p. Spine message: “The World’s Most Intelligent Glossy Magazine.” The beautiful cover was shot by Tony McGee, and the model is wearing a pink chiffon dress by Salvador from Harvey Nichols for the grand total of £235.


The masthead is a particular treasure trove for any magazine industry employee (Stephen Quinn! Liz Walker! Min Hogg!) , and the photography a reminder that not everyone in the late 70s was a punk or wore flares.


Amazing photographic illustration by Stuart Macleod for this beauty story by Leslie Kenton:


This story was shot by the late Terence Donovan:


Left: Cerruti. Middle: Armani. Right: Jean-Claude de Luca from Joseph.
All shoes by Manolo Blahnik


Left: Dress in biscuit gazar linen £60.50. Waistcoat in pale beige linen £19. Jodphurs in biscuit gazar linen £50. All by Jeff Banks from Jeff Banks Shop at Way In, Harrods. Saffron Suede pumps by Zapata: £30

Right:Round-necked shirt in mustard linen £79. Matching gathered skirt £69. pale grey fine linen short-sleeved shirt £49 all by Issey Miyake.

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that’s one hell of an attic discovery. i love all these old magazines. they might be sooo inspirational.


wow that looks amazing ( love to have a vintage magazine



As someone born post-70s it’s so strange to see just how ‘now’ the Donovan shoot looks – although we obviously take inspiration from decades gone by I’d be happy to wear any of those looks now!


Wow, Jeff Banks was certainly an affordable line, even by the fiscal standards of 1978. That waistcoat was a whopping twenty-some dollars.

1978 was the year of Calvin Klein jeans. They cost $35.00, which was quite a lot for a pair of jeans.


The Stuart Macleod image is amazing! I adore old magazines, they always seem so glamorous 🙂


Lovely find. Can see we in 2011 are going back to 1978 concerning skrit lengths…


I bought from Portabello Market a few months ago a 1964 addition of Playboy I plan to pull apart and give as presents framed pages. It is my most amazing find. No human on the front instead a small female character sitting sexily next to a pot of make up – best find ever!

These things are for enjoying not keeping tucked away I say!


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