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It’s beyond flattering to be included in lists of best anything, but truly being described as one of ‘Les 20 blogueurs qui électrisent la planète’ is a pretty jawdropping thing. Especially when it’s Madame Figaro on the case, and I am the only fashion blogger they write up. *jaw drops*.

The piece is here, and includes some fascinating blogs in the worlds of ‘Politique, mode, beauté, environnement, business’.

And I have learnt another important lesson from the photo they ran of me, which I hadn’t seen before: if you are going to spend the day learning to play polo (courtesy of Barbour) and then go straight on to a fashion party (in this case, the Dolce & Gabbana fest at Netaporter), then maybe wear some make up & blowout your hair in case you get shoved in front of the photographer array. (You can tell from my expression that I was like a rabbit in headlights.) But look! Lovely Angel Jackson snakeskin clutch in my hot sweaty paw.

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Congratulations!! X


I think your hair looks great in that photo. 🙂


wow thats amazing 🙂

you deserve it you are amazing blogger




You go, LLG! You and Perez Hilton, of all people. You “electrify the planet” in quite a different way, thank goodness!


How exciting! I will use the piece for when I teach ‘la technologie’ to my GCSE students. Merci!

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