LLG & Hunters in British Vogue October

by Sasha Wilkins on September 5, 2011 · 30 comments

Vogue ad

I cannot pretend not to be excited about Hunter placing the AW11 campaign in Vogue this month – I really don’t do that too cool for school, blase fashion thing. My mantra is: the day I stop being thrilled to do what I do, the day I stop being excited is the day I give it all up. It’s just so extraordinary (in the proper sense of the word) to see my face peering out over my Whistles coat in a Vogue advertisement…

Being asked to model for the Hunter campaign has been such a blast, from the little Super 8 film I did with Matt Irwin to the Hunter Facebook Q&A, along with the fact that every time it rains I get a bunch of Tweets asking me if I am wearing my Hunters & which ones I would recommend from followers! (LOVE), and in a way I sort of forgot about the fact that the visuals would actually be appearing in a magazine. Duh. So what with Elle last month, and Vogue this, my cup truly spilleth over.

And a big thank you to Briony for sending me over the photo.

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