(Posetta Baddog, A, & Maddie)

Oh we had such a lovely afternoon yesterday, me, A & C, and the three hounds. By rights, the walking on the Heath should have been done today, but the weather forecast made it clear that Saturday would be heatwave hot, and today would rain. (They were right.)

(The view down over Parliament Hill Fields to the City of London.)

There’s just something so restorative about the company of good friends, great conversation and the calm that comes from being with people (and dogs) that you love.


It really did feel like the last gasp of summer, as we ate heaping piles of spaghetti  at the Italian cafe on the Heath, drank strong Americanos, and then yomped off over Parliament Hill in the hot afternoon sunshine, via Boudicca’s Mound to look for a geo-cache C was tracking on her iPhone, and then back past the ponds for Zelda to have a dip, and for P Bad to dig a hole under our bench, whilst Maddie looked on, askance.


And then ice cream from the van in Dartmouth Park and home, with the roof down on the car and the dogs with their ears flying in the breeze.


Old Panama hat, Stella McCartney sunglasses, Zara polka dots.

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what a beautiful day! I can’t believe the Summer is over so soon…


You write SOOOO beautifully. Makes me feel like I was there. 🙂


sounds like a wholesome, fun day. The perfect end to summer


Did the same on Saturday when the farmer’s market was on! That cafe does THE BEST Soy Decaf Lattes in London!!


Nice blog about the Heath. But unless people can make the City of London see sense, it will become a vast building site in the next 4 to 5 years. See the web site above for why.


The Hampstead Heath Ponds are threatened. Help us protect them – see

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