Max Burger

Thank GOD for  Sweden’s MAX Burger, my new favourite take out joint. It’s a fact of life that when you are covering the shows, whether in your home city, or abroad, you will always, but always be thinking about a snack most of the time. There just never seems to a convenient point to stop to eat and, if you are vegetarian like me, it’s often impossible to even find anything to eat anyway.

In Stockholm we were staying in the Berns Salonger, a hotel in the chi chi shopping area, so not many cafes, and the hotel itself barely catered for vegetarians in its restaurants or on room service. (I also draw a sharp line at paying nearly twenty quid for a micoscopically small vegetable stir fry.)

Thank the lord for Max Burger then. On the way in from the airport Susie pointed it out and raved about the goodness. And blimey was she right. I actually ate there three times in three days.  It’s an ethical, inexpensive, carbon-aware chain, that only uses Swedish produce and has a touch screen ordering system that moves at lightning speed. And it does a fine line in vegeburgers, as well as having a gluten free and a low GI menu. I also like that fact that it’s the first hamburger restaurant ever to outcompete a McDonalds.

YUM YUM YUM. Best fast food I’ve eaten in years. Highly recommend – in a city as expensive as Stockholm, it’s good to have some affordable options up your on-trend lace sleeve.

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I remember this – they do have a very impressive list of vegetarian burgers indeed. I’m veggie too so naturally, i was delighted! Eating out in Sthlm, or indeed even eating in (!) is roaring expensive – so this was a relief! Though I didn’t like the fries as much as MacDo’s….


Happy to see more Stockholm posts. Now I am craving the food from the photo 😉


Headed right there–on line, that is!


Ok, you are a vegetarian. Just like me. Now, I love you even more *.*
And I crave for Max Burger but there aren’t any here. Buuu 🙁

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