I’m sorry for the unexpected hiatus in posting – I hadn’t thought about the fact that my mother’s internet would be disconnected for the house move, which meant that I had no wifi – or phone signal come to that – for two straight days this Friday & Saturday.

The only way in which I could get a 3G & phone signal was to drive to a single track country lane two miles away on top of a hill….that didn’t drive me crazy at all. Oh no.

The whole trauma of moving twenty-five years worth of family possessions into a house 1/4 of the size is still being processed by me. I may or may not come back to this at a later date. But, suffice to say, my mother’s new place is really lovely, much bigger than I had expected, with masses of storage and a very good garden. I actually (never thought I’d say this) think it is nicer in many ways that the big house we have just sold. It’s certainly more convenient in many ways, and I think my mother had grown past the old one. It was just way too much for her to manage – and us,  after the divorce. Not to mention the fact that it swallowed all the money on upkeep.

Bye bye house.

IMG_0037 IMG_0016
IMG_0038 IMG_0051

IMG_0059 IMG_0065

The unpacking will go on for weeks, I suspect. I started to develop shooting pains in my right wrist after three hours straight of unwrapping china, so I’m giving that a rest for a while. Meanwhile the kettle & toaster remain elusive, but I count my mother fortunate that we managed to find the bedding to enable us to go to bed!

Right, I’m off to drive back to Northamptonshire – I borrowed my father’s Jeep to drive down to London this morning to drop off a beautiful 1960s Heal’s chrome & glass dining table that was in the dining room on the left above, but which didn’t fit into either parent’s new house, and which I am determined to fit into mine. It’s a beautiful piece of design which has been our high days & holiday dining table all my life. I also have to go to the Royal Free to drop off a Zimmer frame, wheelchair & crutches from my sister’s various accidents which had ended up at the house and which in all conscience I couldn’t just put on the skip.

(I am so done with driving, but still have to get my car back down to London tonight.)

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It sounds like everything has gone smoothly so far, fingers crossed it continues to do so and your mother (and the dogs!) feel at home quickly.


Ahhh glad it has gone well. Have to say, when you can’t get internet is the only time you realise how badly dependent you are on it. If driving two miles to a country lane is the only way to get it, it’s more than likely we’ll do it lol!


Thanks for sharing this. Moving is tough. I haven’t unpacked my new place yet completely and my Mum and I still have a carload of boxes at their house which need to go to storage this week. Ugh.


Very stressful times. Sad when you leave the family home for the last time. Hoping your mam is very happy in her new place.

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