The Feversham Arms

Our old schoolfriend Julian is getting married in Durham Cathedral this weekend. It’s about a four drive north from London – which, in English terms is like driving to the moon. The train is easy but, given that the north of England is so beautiful, and that lil’sis’ MS makes getting around a bit problematic, we thought we’d drive and make a proper road trip out of it. I also think that I am out of England far too often – it’s about time I explored my own country.

As we planned on three nights away, (it’s too exhausting for lil’sis otherwise) we thought we’d take Posetta Baddog with us too, so the hunt was on for dog-friendly hotels on the way up and down. Thanks to Twitter,  whose users recommended it in droves, (I do like a crown-sourced rec), The Feversham Arms in Helmsley (above), right on the edge of the North York Moors, is where we stayed last night.

This morning we were up early – for a swim (me) in that lovely pool, and for a constitutional (lil’sis & P Bad). We’re just packing up now and heading out to Riveaulx Abbey, and then up onto the Moors for a quick pipe opener with P Bad, before heading on up to Durham for the wedding, and the reception at Lumley Castle. On Sunday night we are heading to the other side of Yorkshire – to the Dales, and The Devonshire Arms.

More later. ( I need to go Big Hair my sister in prep for the wedding.)

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Not quite godzone country (that’s north Lancashire) but gorgeous. Hope you enjoy a lovely Sunday. I’m stuck in the south but yearn for the North.


The English countryside is so under-rated and under-appreciated by us Brits. I did a road trip myself last week around Lancashire and south Lakes, it was a beautiful sunny day – idyllic.


As an Australian, when I lived in London we thought nothing of jumping in a car on a Friday night and heading off for the weekend. My work colleagues would always say to me “but do you know how far Derbyshire is to go for a weekend?”. When I’d estimate 4 hours, they’d agree (with horror). Living in Australia, we are used to the long road trip – 8 hours either way for a weekend is not unthinkable (through fairly unchanging scenery too in some cases. 2 hours of wheatfields can bea tad boring). Hope you enjoy your trip through the pretty English countryside.


My friend is the bell-ringer at Durham and she often bell-rings at the cathedral! Hope you guys had a relaxing three days and a wonderful time at the wedding xx


Lovely to hear that you and your lovely sister are in my old stomping ground, spent many happy hours at the Devonshire Arms and Bolton Abbey, you must take P Bad for a good walk and see what she makes of the stepping stones! ( If you have time check out the shops in Harrogate.


Hi llg
Have you changed your format since the highlight post…as in the blogs read as blogs arebnot showing photos and have to be opened up individually
Kind regards


The Feversham Arms looks wonderful. Hope Posetta Baddog had a great time as well as you.

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