So there are ripe French dessert apples everywhere on the trees throughout the farm in the Vienne where I am for a week, as well as a venerable English Bramley tree. (These are cooking apples, which soften to a delicious fluff, and are perfect for sauces and for cakes.) I have been beating the wasps to the windfalls for my cakes.


My absolute thrill is picking a peach off the tree each morning to have with my breakfast yoghurt. (I’ve also made a cake from the peaches.) Then there are the endless tomato vines, heavy with ripening fruits. Each day we pick a mini mountain of them and yet they keep on coming. Soft, yielding and perfectly ripe, they taste entirely different from the  crisp sweet tomatoes I buy in England. These are small balls of sunshine.

IMG_0058 IMG_0856


And then there are the haricots verts, which again produce enough for twelve people to have with supper each day. If I wasn’t off to Sweden imminently I would be filling my suitcase with fruit and vegetables for the return trip.


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It looks so idyllic there. Just so you know, I’m very jealous right now!


Looks so yummy! haha
i love those natural things!


This makes me miss my parental home, with it’s orchard full with apple, pear and cherry trees and a hand tended garden bulging with all sorts of fresh veg… Sigh. You are in such a beautiful spot!


Oh, yum. This does indeed look fruitily idyllic. Quel dommage that Sweden beckons. I’d want to stay and cook all manner of fruit compotes and cakes with slices of peaches suspended in the batter and oatmeal bars filled with spiced apples and so on…


wow, what a luxury, picking a fresh peach each morning. Sounds amazing, if only we could do the same here!


Also – enjoy yourself in Sweden! are you going to Sthlm? I went there twice earlier this year (when it was -20 celcius, if I’m honest) ; absolutely beautiful! I’m sure it’s even nicer in the summer, what with all the waterways.

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