My first purchase each summer when I arrive in the Vienne is always two pairs of espadrilles from the local supermarket, in this case the LeClerc in Le Blanc. At 6e50 I can afford to wear them every day, through the earth of the kitchen garden to pick haricots verts for supper, in the long grass picking windfalls for cake and trotting around the farm. (It saves my Bloch ballerines from getting knackered on the gravel.)

When I leave, I bin the stained and knackered pair, and take home the pristine ones. It’s sensible, given that I’ve seen English store charge upwards of £20 for a pair. Tch.


A tweeter told me yesterday that she had searched a provincial French town to no avail for espadrilles – but hadn’t thought to try the local supermarche – so that’s my top tip of the day.

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Well done you, Lady! I’ve had so many people ask the same question….just go to the local Supermarche & buy cheapies. Just like you, I like to save the ‘La Fressange’ Red Flats for Paris…..


I love these! They are not sold in les supermarches in America, however! If there were one great way to improve our nation, this would be it: Espadrilles for all.

I’ve seen something similar at a resort. Sigh.


What’s the betting L’espadrille de France is made in China these days though. Or possibly Vietnam.

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