I’ve extolled the virtues of St Ttopez fake tan before – I’ve had great results with it, which is astonishing considering my usual experience with fake tan leaves me looking as though I have vitiligo. The breakthrough for me was learning to use the buffing mitt.

After you have applied your fake tan with your hands – any variety, make sure it is well rubbed in, particularly around your ankles and feet. Then wash your hands really thoroughly with soap and water playing lots of attention to between your fingers. (Do not use the mitt to apply the lotion.)

Then slip on the mitt and buff your extremities as you would a car. Yup, really. I can guarantee: no streaks.

IMG_0077 - Version 2

St. Tropez Boxed Black Buffing Mitt £3.60
St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion 120ml £20.45

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After reading lots of reviews, asking opinions on twitter and facebook I’ve made a conclusion that most people love Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe Once A Week Self Tan. So… I had to get it last week, we will see about the results 🙂 x


its the only brand of self tan that actually gives your a tan and doesn’t turn you orange 🙂

the honey bronze from body shop is a great addition, a dry oil that gives you a great glow (you should try it on top)




I always wash my hands with washing up liquid after using St Tropez; it’s the only thing I find that gets it off thoroughly.

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