I cannot pretend otherwise: I have done a bit too much shopping this summer. It’s just after TWO years of not doing ANY shopping AT ALL, it is nice to be able to buy what I want. Within reason. My wardrobe is still more Zara than, say, Phillip Lim. To be honest, after 24months of moderation, I find it hard to spend a lot of money on any single item, although the sales this summer have been my downfall. The reductions are so good, and the quality so worth investing in.

Which brings me neatly to Desa. Last November I was in Istanbul to check out some hotels and stores for LLG. I had been directed to Desa by the concierge at the Park Hyatt who told me that they made leather goods in Turkey for Prada, and many other European luxury houses, and that the quality of their own label leather pieces was just as good at a fraction of the price.

We hotfooted it over to the Nisantasi store, where I fell in love with a leather panelled dress (but couldn’t justify the purchase), and made a note to write up the label. So it was a complete coincidence when I got a call a week after I returned from a UK publicist to say that there was this great new store opening in London…Ha! I said, I know all about it…I finally got around to visiting the Hampstead store with my sister a few weeks back. And my poor wallet took a battering.


There’s an amazing 60% sale on – (it’s online too), and I left with a bag, a leather cuff & two blouses. Oops. Most of all I love this brown leather Skyline Shopper, (usually £295, now £177.) It’s the most amazing buttery leather, incredibly soft, and extremely well made. It’s practical too, with a wide webbing strap and lots of interior pockets. I’m not supposed to buying any new bags, but the quality of this was so good that I broke my rule – it honestly looks & feels like a bag that costs five times more than I paid. Yay. Win.

IMG_0034 IMG_0035

Then, whilst my sister was buying up the store, I thought I may as well try on two tops that were also 60% off in the sale. The one on the left is a military cut olive washed silk (£100), and the navy one on the right ((£80), which had zero hangar appeal, but once on is super flattering (slightly blouson, but cut on the bias so it comes in at the waist). I love it so much that I am contemplating buying  a second one in case I spill something on it. (Very likely, unfortunately, given my motor skills.)

IMG_0345 - Version 2 IMG_0578 - Version 2

I’m really pleased with all four things I bought: I’ve worn them all continuously, and would much rather these two tops than four for the same amount on the High Street. (I’m trying to be a bit more considered in my purchasing, going for quality not quantity.)

There are two Desa shops in the UK: one in Covent Garden & one on Rosslyn Hill in Hampstead. Def worth a look before the sale ends – or go online at Failing that, there are over seventy Desa stores in Turkey…

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Love it! Thanks…for your US readers though, unfortunately, the address provided above goes to another company. I had to search around and found this which works.


Hi, this lable looks interesting – I love it when you can buy something sort of “at source” rather than the “high end lable” product, think it is much more cool!!! Like drinking LP champers rather than it’s very pricey sister!!!! By the way, your hair looks fab in the pictures too x


Gorgeous bags! Just to warn you though that the website seems to redirect to some tech website!


Actually, the website is (I was so tempted by the goodies, I rushed to check them out, and accidentally discovered the mistake:).


The Desa link goes through to a different company, I googled it and it’s, love the shirts… esp the olive green, gorgeous with blonde hair! Might be ordering one of those myself! X


OMG that bag is just stunning, seriously one of the most beautiful I’ve seen! Thanks for the sharing about Desa will most def check it out. Love the olive blouse too.

Nic x
beauty blogger


Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m going to check the website now. High Street is good, but sometimes it is better to spend a little bit more in one piece that has quality!


This is the shop which also has cute leather cuffs! Thank you for sharing the information. I’ll check Covent Garden store asap.


The bag is gorgeous! In this scenario you definitely seem to confirm that expensive designer bags tend to be great quality and last for a long time. I definitely wait for sales, and it sounds like you got the bag at a good discount.


Amazing haul! I’d have hauled off with those blouses myself. Love the look of them with shorts.

And the bag is scrumptious and worth lifting the moratorium on bag-buying.

It is a mystery to me why we have no such shops in the US, or, if so, why they are only located in Manhattan.

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