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Well, what happened to Billy on Sunday afternoon will forever remain a mystery. A dog not known for straying  (never, ever) does not just disappear for over five hours, and then miraculously reappear on one’s doorstep after the village, garden & fields have been searched continuously. (Last time I checked he could not ring doorbells himself.)

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone on Twitter and on Facebook who spread the word like wildfire. We are just so enormously grateful for the social media nation of doglovers who rallied around with messages of support, offers of help, and RT action from all over the world.

Most of all I’d like to thank Jayne and her band of engaged and lovely helpers at I didn’t know about her sterling organisation before Billy went, but was alerted to it by many of my Twitter followers. DogLost is a national network of thousands of dog owners and volunteers, keen to help reunite lost dogs with their owners. In the eight years since Jayne set up Doglost after the disappearance of her beloved French bulldog (recovered 30 miles away after a poster campaign), Doglost have helped in the recovery of over SIXTEEN THOUSAND dogs.

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Please do consider signing up as a helper. It’s free, and all this means is that if a dog goes missing within 30miles of your home postcode you will receive an email alert. It’s up to you what you do: you can just keep an eye out on your walks and daily activities, or give out posters & flyers if you so wish.

If you lose your dog, a home page for each missing animal is set up on the site. Anyone clicking through gets a bulletin board to report sightings and add extra information – like links to my blog about Billy, for example, and posters are automatically generated for the lost dog so that the helpers can print them off and put them up in their area:

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When I rang Jayne on Sunday night she was so calm and helpful. She had masses of sensible advice gleaned from her years of helping distraught dog owners, and was able to reassure and guide us. Do, please, sign up for and consider making a small donation if you own a dog. You never know when you may need Jayne & her nationwide band of helpers….

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So glad he’s home! Wonder who the mystery doorbell ringer was!


I’m so pleased you got Billy back again, and thanks for the info about DogLost – I’ve make a note of them.


I’m so glad he came home ! x


So, someone rang the doorbell and just ran off?! How strange! I am so glad he is back though! XX


Our lurcher was stolen two years ago and without Dog Lost were so kind and helpful to us while we searched for him. They certainly helped in getting him returned to us safely.

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