This is what we had for supper last night. For a fifteen minute prep & cook recipe it was mighty impressive. Crunchy al dente broccoli, garlicky mushrooms and creamy salty cheese against slippery pasta. Mmmm…

Serves 2

And so, so easy. Put on your water for the pasta & for the broccoli, and while you are waiting for it to boil, heat some olive oil in a frying pan and tip in four chopped (not sliced as they melt to nothing) Portabello (Portabella to my US readers) mushrooms along with a squished garlic clove. Cook over a pretty low heat. About half way through add a knob of butter and a sprinkling of salt. When they are cooked add plenty of freshly ground black pepper.


Get your linguine on whilst the mushrooms are frying – I like this as it has some texture, and is less slippery than spaghetti. Steam or boil your broccoli. Do make sure it is as fresh as possible – (I find week old purple sprouting practically inedible as the stems are so tough), and do not be alarmed by the red water.The clue is in the name.


Drain your pasta when it’s al dente, same for the broccoli. Tip everything into a big bowl and mix – I find tongs best for this. Then crumble over lots of goats cheese. I added some chopped chives too as we had some to hand. More black pepper, Maldon salt. Eat. EAT.


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Looks great Sasha! Keep them coming…


Yummy! Gonna do that for tea tonight, will have to add something like chopped chicken or bacon for the meat lovers but to me that is great as is. Cheers! Jx


this looks absolutely divine and your timing could not be more perfect as I was musing over what to rustle up for dinner tonight.
question; where do you get your recipes from?


Goat cheese makes everything better! Looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I know someone in my house that will LOVE this dish (cough, husband).


So gorgeous looking. I went to the Covent Garden Real Food Market yesterday (it’s every Thursday) and discovered a chap selling lots of different types of Swiss cheese including some fantastic goats cheese. The only other place he sells is Duke of York market off the Kings Road on Saturday.


WOW – this looks just delicious!


This recipe sounds amazing, and if I can find purple sprouting broccoli (which I’ve never heard of before) I will make it exactly as your recipe says. If not I suppose another variety would do just as well.
Thanks so much…love the blog.
P.S. It’s still “portobello” in the states. A lot of Americans just pronounce it like “portabella,” depending on the accent.

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