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I do like a bit of Barbour. Hardly surprising, really, given that I am a country girl at heart, but one who is now firmly rooted in the city. And, along with my Hunters, my Barbour serves both sides of my life equally. Here I am in my Barbour International (above), based on Barbour’s original motorcycle jacket

And it’s not just me who loves a bit of modern Barbour. My mother has a matching International too:


And here’s P Bad in her custom waxed Barbour jacket, and her quilted one (bottom right). Yup, madam has not one, but two bespoke Barbours. (Sausage dog bodies are a bit long for your standard off the peg number,  donchakno?) I tried very hard to take a close up, but unfortunately she was far too busy digging holes in Hampstead Heath to pay a blind bit of notice to me. I fear her modelling career will not be taking off. (Then again, no matter, because what’s worse than trussing a dog up and dragging it around the city?)

SAM_0121 SAM_0112

SAM_0130 SAM_0142

Here’s the back view of my Barbour. (You may recognise the photos from my trip to Cornwall last summer.)

IMG_2410 IMG_2408

And here’s Muv with Maudie, taken at the same time as P Bad – proving that we do have at least one well-behaved dog in our family.


A big thank you to Barbour for kitting us out.

Lots of lovely Barbour on ASOS here for girls & for boys (& lots on sale).I’m particularly lusting after the Barbour Flyweight Liberty Rose Lined Beadnell Wax Jacket. Dog coats here.

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