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I do like a bit of Barbour. Hardly surprising, really, given that I am a country girl at heart, but one who is now firmly rooted in the city. And, along with my Hunters, my Barbour serves both sides of my life equally. Here I am in my Barbour International (above), based on Barbour’s original motorcycle jacket

And it’s not just me who loves a bit of modern Barbour. My mother has a matching International too:


And here’s P Bad in her custom waxed Barbour jacket, and her quilted one (bottom right). Yup, madam has not one, but two bespoke Barbours. (Sausage dog bodies are a bit long for your standard off the peg number,  donchakno?) I tried very hard to take a close up, but unfortunately she was far too busy digging holes in Hampstead Heath to pay a blind bit of notice to me. I fear her modelling career will not be taking off. (Then again, no matter, because what’s worse than trussing a dog up and dragging it around the city?)

SAM_0121 SAM_0112

SAM_0130 SAM_0142

Here’s the back view of my Barbour. (You may recognise the photos from my trip to Cornwall last summer.)

IMG_2410 IMG_2408

And here’s Muv with Maudie, taken at the same time as P Bad – proving that we do have at least one well-behaved dog in our family.


A big thank you to Barbour for kitting us out.

Lots of lovely Barbour on ASOS here for girls & for boys (& lots on sale).I’m particularly lusting after the Barbour Flyweight Liberty Rose Lined Beadnell Wax Jacket. Dog coats here.

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How glamorous are you girls! I NEVER look that swish when I walk my dog: I must try harder.


P Bad looks So cute! X


I too do love a Barbour too, it must be the country girl in us as you say.

How cute is the little P Bad. Is she a cross breed Sasuage dog? Love her little face. x


My father’s big, green, waxy-smelling Barbour meant long romps in the country for me. Sigh. I should really get one.


What a pretty face your mamma has…


Ah, what cute doggies. My dogs are having a tea party on my blog today.
I love ASOS so I will be on the look out for a new Barbour jacket.


Muv is SERIOUSLY rockin’ that red lippie. Love it! Is it Ellis Red (lippie junkies want to know)?


Desperately coveting the Barbour lined with LIberty!!!


Love the look of P dog and Muv with waxed jacket!

I bought 3 Barbours last year, which was a bit sudden frenzy I admit. Although I’m rather urban person and it turned our they are really useful and practical for totally unpredictable British weather.


I do like those Barbours – much more modern than I usually associate with the brand, I’m quite tempted. I also like the fact that the Liberty lined one had a hood. I wish more designers would combine style with practicality. I have been on the hunt for a reasonably glamorous coat, with a hood for months and months now – hats and umbrellas and coats without hoods do not mix well with bringing up a toddler in the Penines and it seems so pointless getting dressed up when all that most people ever see is my rubbish coat, but I have seen sod all at pretty much any price level. Any ideas?

I’m enjoying the blog very much by the way

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