I am a whirling dervish of packing. At midnight on Saturday I was lying up in bed, reading the papers, when my thoughts idly turned to my new housing arrangements. With a jolt that got me sitting bolt upright I suddenly realised that I only had three more nights left in the flat. (I’m away a lot over the next fortnight.)

Because I don’t have to be out of my current place until 08 August, I hadn’t really paid much attention to when I would actually move.  ( I hopefully get the new keys on 01 August.) And I hadn’t wanted to start packing things up in case I jinxed my new place. But, idiot girl that I am, I had failed to compute that whether or not the new place went ahead, I needed to start packing STAT as I would still need to move out. Duh.

So at five minutes past midnight I started throwing things in bags and cases. I got an hour and a half under my belt before retiring to bed. I kept at it on and off during Sunday and, miraculously, had got it all done bar odds & sods by 1am. Helped by the discovery when I went to put out the recycling last night that the new neighbours had conveniently put out all their packing boxes for the binmen. A stroke of luck as I hadn’t actually ordered any packing materials. Everything else however is in those classy plastic tartan laundry bags from the local corner shop + a series of posh carrier bags. I really hope the removal men don’t baulk at the sight of it all.


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Good time to feng shui away all the clutter!


Yay. Me too. I’m not putting much of anything in boxes. More so those large blue IKEA bags. Now off to Goodwill to unload my car.


Oh that hideous moving feeling! Usually I eyeball everything and estimate (usually vastly under) the amount of time it will take to pack. Then the day of the move comes and I am running after the moving van, “Just one more thing!”.
I find that the worst part of moving is the stuff you have to throw out or dispose of in some way. It seems to breed in the night.


Good work! I like to pack and unpack as quickly as possible as I cannot stand it to take too long so am impressed by this!


Good Luck with the move and I hope you’ll have time to settle in before you need/want to move again Jx


Wow! that is organised. Good luck with the move.


Let us know if you need to clear out any clothing etc as that is what we do.

Emma x


Hiring removal men is a wise decision.

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