As you may know if you read both mine and my mother’s blog, the family home has been up for sale for a while now, as a result of my parents’ long, acrimonious divorce. Finally, it has sold, and we are planning a garage sale next Saturday, the 30th July before we all move on to pastures new the week after.

Whilst the house has been on the market, we’ve had a delightful two years of throwing things in skips, dumping broken rubbish at the local tip, & sending stuff to the local hospice shop, but there is still a mountain of household stuff, vintage magazines, unwanted furniture, books, crockery, garden stuff and bits & pieces of clothing & such like. (We’ve lived there since 1985 after all, and there are two attics and a garage.)

I may also bestir myself to dole out cake & the odd cup of tea, if asked nicely, in return for donations to The MS Trust.

The weather forecast is good, and we are planning to open the gates from 10am-7pm. If you are in the vicinity of Banbury, do come to say hello. (I can’t advise travelling any great distance – it is just a common or garden garage sale, not the Antiques Roadshow, & I’m not getting rid of much of mine from the fashion editor years.)

Postcode: NN11 3SL. Telephone: 01295 760 673 – call on the day only, please, or my mother will have a conniption and shout at you.


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It’s okay not to be selling off goods from your glam fashion-editor years because, well, you’ve got a toaster! No garage sale should be without one, either alone or with a blender.

Good luck with the sale!

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