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Although taken from a slightly different angle, these photos rather prove my point that when you have long hair no one ever notices the difference when you decide to lop a load off. The one on the left is me a few months back with Aveda’s scissor genius Olivier (who gave me that blissful blowdry into the bargain). The one on the right is me a fortnight ago when he cut a good 10cm/5″ cut off – at my request.

I needed to get some healthy swing back in – long hair can get so heavy and flat, and I was a bit worried about it being too short. But it’s clear that the effect is still the same – long, blonde hair, even with what was, for me, quite a drastic chop.  I was starting to feel that on the days when it was a bit messy or I hadn’t bothered to blow dry it that I was approaching the dread stripper hair – when it’s just too long for your age. Looking as as if one is desperately attempting the tousled, sexy insouciance of youth, when in fact it just looks dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards.

In the same way that I rarely bothered with make up in my twenties, I never bothered with hair products or styling.  Now I am in my 30s I feel a I have to be a lot more together now with my general look – dishevelled just looks lazy as opposed to laidback…and I feel better for it too. Even if I still resent every single moment spent having to wield a sodding hairdryer. (Altho BaByliss Big Hair: I <3 you.)

Although no one else seems to really notice that I’ve had a chop, there is a real everyday difference in having 10cm off: if I can’t be bothered to style it, it actually hangs and bounces, whereas before it was just too heavy and looked lank very quickly. The only thing I miss is not being able to tie it in a knot at the nape of my neck without a hairbobble.


Thanks to Olivier & to Aveda Covent Garden.

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Haircut or not, you have AMAZING hair. So shiny. So bouncy. Any secrets you care to share? (Aside from the Babyliss Big Hair.) Or were you just born that way?


I like your new hair cut. The outift you wore on the last post, at the polo looks beautiful. Love coming home and seeing your blog. Along with your tweets. Are you moving house again?
Wishing you a good week.


I would love to know too! My hair is curly and incredibly dry but then again, I don’t do anything with it other than washing it.


I agree with the first comment, you have beautiful hair…
Have a fantastic weekend!


I went from blonde to brunette this week and ONE person (besides my husband) noticed. I think it’s because I’m a natural brunette and it looks more right on me? Or possibly I have terrible, terrible friends.


It’s extremely liberating to have that much cut off. I used to have long hair like yours and it is now shoulder length and I love it. Went shorter in between and didn’t like it. Dare you to get even more cut off next time. So much easier to take care of………


Sorry LLG, even with the two photos I can’t tell the difference. I just see gorgeous and gorgeous.


Great hair cut! seriously!
thanks for sharing!


Your hair has been fabulous just about forever–it is highly covetable here in swampy Florida, let me tell you. I like this shorter length a lot and think it will look smashing with les chapeaux.

I like swingy!

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