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I really hope I am not jinxing this by posting images, but this, if all goes well with the bank/referees/sale of imaginary first born to fund it, will be the new LLG home/office come August 1st. As I wrote before, my main criteria were location and a good bathroom but, as I had a budget commensurate with the area in which I wanted to live & a full six weeks to find it if necessary – altho not ideal, I wanted to hold out for a property with that je ne sais quoi that would make it more than a box with rooms.

As it is, the thought of finding a new home has been upsetting me enormously. In the six months that I’ve lived in what a member of my family delightfully calls, ‘the washed’ side of Camden (as opposed to the great unwashed – market et al), I’ve felt properly settled. I like having the shops practically on my doorstep, Regent’s Park a couple of blocks away, Whole Foods round the corner, Oxford Circus & Broadcasting House a mere 6mins by car, and ten by bike and, most importantly of all, lil’sis a rapid five minute drive away. And I’m not far from her rehab gym, and almost on her bus route home.

After godknowshowmany temporary homes in the past 2.5 years, (and two already this year), I just could not face the idea of having to get to know another new area as well as upsticking yet again. (Sometimes I look back at 2009/2010 and it seems that all I did was move around like a snail with my life on my back.)

So imagine my boundless joy when on Tuesday I viewed not one BUT TWO suitable apartments. One on my street, and one around the corner – both within about 150yards of my front door. It’s just not supposed to be that simple.

I love the hobbit hole, but its major living there long term drawback was the open plan living room and tiny, no real storage, kitchen area within it, which meant that cooking, eating, sitting & working all took place in the same space. Running a business from what was essentially my kitchen was not ideal and, as there was no storage, I quickly became subsumed by STUFF. (Mine is not a job to do if you can’t cope with endless deliveries of paper and of stuff.)

So imagine my joy at finding a place that has not only a large working kitchen, but a lovely sun room/dining room out the back,  (above) which has French windows opening on to a (not supposed to be used) flat roof space. It’s also the same Ikea kitchen that I had in the London flat I sold last year, so it feels very familiar. And many, many kitchen cupboards.


I am going to turn the living room into the LLG office – I tend to watch films in bed on my laptop (still haven’t got around to buying a TV), and it seems a waste to have an entire room dedicated to reading/TV/entertaining when I so badly need an LLG mission control – with a desk, and plenty of storage for the STUFF. And, of course, the large kitchen & dining area rather remove the need for a separate entertaining space, as I only have people round to be fed, in the manner of Strasbourg geese, not to loll. Of course, all that lovely light space will be wonderful for LLG photography too. (I’m in a basement at present which is impossible for good pictures.) It’s also barely overlooked out back, and has excellent, excellent security.

It’s much cheaper than it should be because it is on a major, major main road, (altho there is double glazing in the living room), and because the bedroom is narrow with a rather odd but just big enough for me platform bed arrangement. That means it’s doubtful that a couple would want to live there and for any single person who didn’t need a home office, it would be both too big and too expensive. But obviously I can claim a proportion of the office costs against my tax bill, which suddenly makes it affordable. So the only problem now is passing finance & referee tests – being out of England for four years and not having had any long term employer for many years, it’s tricky to get all the evidence required. But, my offer has been accepted, so FINGERS CROSSED PEOPLE!


Obviously these images have been taken with a magic estate agent’s lens so take the acreage with a pinch of salt. Above: wld be the LLG mission control.

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Beautiful! Very jealous.


That looks gorgeous! x


Oh my, it is beautiful!!! ALL my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!

B xx


Looks absolutely gorgeous, Sasha! Best of luck 🙂


Fingers and toes crossed for you – though making the dinner is now going to be difficult!


I hope all goes well , it looks lovely !


Looks so lovely, great to see where it will all be happening! Good luck!


It looks very very lovely. Good luck and best wishes that everything runs smoothly for you!


Oh my Gawd!!!!!!! I have everything crossed ! So excited for you.


Ooh it looks just lovely!

Strangely enough I find myself once again in the same situation – we’ve just put an offer in on a one-bed off Charlotte St in W1 so fingers crossed that *our* references etc. are ok-ed too! 🙂


@blahblahbecky.co.uk: Good luck! LLGx

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