I cannot pretend that this is a recipe. More the contents of my fridge that I knocked up for a Monday lunch with Katie Rose in my London flat. I had been sent a wicker hamper full of Maille’s mustardy offerings prior to my Supperclub and was testing them all out, & it occurred to me that a creamy spicy mustard mayo – Maille Dijonnaise – would be great with the salty kick of squeaky cheese  – otherwise known as Halloumi. And So I tested my theory and found it good. Very, very good. (Almost as good as my Portobello mushroom, spinach & cheese sandwich.)

So today I give you a really good, simple sandwich:

Put a frying pan on the heat and when it is hot, add as many half centimetre slices of Halloumi cheese as you need to cover a slice of bread (or 2 or 3 etc, depending on how many sarnies you are making). When it its browned on one side, flip over to cook the other.

Whilst it is cooking, take your slices of good bread. (I used a white boule from Whole Foods – it’s rather chi-chi-ily my local grocery store.) Spread the inside sides with Maille Dijonnaise. Failing that use half mayo/half mustard. Add slices of avocado & tomato. Then add your cooked Halloumi cheese. Grind over some black pepper and slap on the top piece of bread. Et voila! Hardly complicated. But sooooo good.


And aren’t the green vintage glass plates great? My sister found them in a thrift shop in Orlando, Florida and carefully brought them back to London as a thank you for having Posetta Baddog to stay whilst she was away. The set of pretty butter vintage butter knives were a Christmas present from my mother.

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Scrumptious. Halloumi could be the death of me.


Oh, yeah. You really rock the upscale grilled cheese. If I hadn’t just polished off a similar sandwich made with that king of homeland cheeses–Kraft Fat-Free American–I’d be on my way to a gourmet cheese counter.

Recipe duly noted.


you always have the best halloumi-based recipes. x shayma


Can you believe I only tasted halloumi recently? A friend of mine (who is actually from Cyprus) cooked me dinner recently and she used halloumi and I am now OBSESSEd with the stuff, I eat on its own all the time. This looks especially appetising and I am craving the stuff now! xx


I’m always on the lookout for good sandwiches with avocado, and this one certainly fits the bill! I’m sorry if you’ve answered/blogged about this before, but do you have any tips on finding halloumi in NYC? I seem to recall your posting in the past that it’s hard to find outside Europe.


It looks just delicious, it’s a good thing I already had dinner.


I always add a squeeze of (or lime) my cooked halloumi – superb!

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