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I have discovered that one of the things you learn to live with when you start training regularly is always feeling it in your body. When I wake in the mornings I hurt. The hurt is a good kind of hurt tho. It’s not the sharp pulled a muscle pain you get from doing weights too often, too hard in bad gyms, it’s the kind of dull ache you get when you have flu or malaria – a deep muscular, all over slow ache, that says I have exhausted my body in a good way.

For a body that’s not done anything more arduous than run for a bus or stroll in the park with the sausage dog, this exhausting, regular, intensive exercise (three times a week for 1.5hrs a session) on Jonathan Goodair’s Total Body Plan has come as a terrible shock. When I get up from a chair, there’s a twinge in my hips. Maybe my shoulder blades shriek when I turn suddenly.

In the second week of training I was booked for an 830am slot on Five Live’s breakfast financial news slot and was then heading out to a 915am breakfast meeting. I’ve done a lot of breakfast radio and, joyfully, this time they weren’t sending a car to take me to the studio, I just needed to be awake and with my Skype connection to the BBC studio primed to go.

Reader: I awoke at 930am. I had been asleep for nearly eleven hours, slept through two alarms and my natural body clock which always, but always wakes me when I have morning appointments. I have never, ever slept through a work meeting. The shame.

I had been warned by a fellow writer and Jonathan Goodair trainee who told me that my social life would go out of the window, because I’d start falling asleep by 10pm. She was right. I just hadn’t calculated in the sleeping through the mornings part too. Since that spectacular fail, I now know to set multiple alarms for morning appointments and to warn family members to ring me to check I am up.

But now that I am in Week Five, it’s getting better. I can stay awake until my more normal midnight without collapsing in a heap. The dull ache is diminishing. The twinge in my hip from using muscles which had never been stretched and which was continuous for the first three weeks has gone completely. And I can exercise for longer, do the resistance repetitions for longer, whinge for longer whilst I am doing it.

I’m still sleeping like a dormouse tho, dreaming of delphiniums blue and geraniums red.

LLG is training like a fiend with Jonathan Goodair and Christina Howells on their Total Body Plan

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Love these training updates LLG! As someone who has exercised consistently for yrs and loves it, I’m always pleased to hear about converts.
Are the promised before-and-after black leotard pics going to eventuate? There is something so fascinating about transformation stories.


I recently did a 55 mile bike ride and the sheer and uter exhaustion afterwards amazed me. It was a wonderful kind of tiredness, my body had such a deep need to sleep and the sleep was so intense. Of course I had a horrible meeting to be at for 7.30am the Monday after said ride so I had to set two alarms and sleep with the curtains and windows open (curtains for light, windows so the buses could wake me) but even with that, I remember that deep deep sleep very happily


I have just had a look at the website and I am SO tempted!


Oh no! I hope the two missed appointments have been smoothed over.

I still think you’re credible…? Just kidding around. 🙂


I love this updates, I wish you could describe what the sessions consist of….I hear jonathan goodair uses the top fitness devices

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