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I started LLG in 2006, writing regularly from the beginning of 2007, yet there’s still a substantial amount of people out there who think that I have achieved overnight success…I wish that were the truth…because then I wouldn’t have given up my apartment in New York in 2009, and spent two years without a permanent base as I invested all my time in writing LLG. (I loved the freedom, and the opportunity it gave me travel and stay with friends, but it was hard not having a home.)

The truth is – like most worthwhile endeavours, getting LLG to the point where I could make the rent, has taken time, energy and tears.

As you may know, a month ago I started training thrice-weekly with Jonathan Goodair and his excellent number two Christina Howells here in London. As I have pounded away on the treadmill of hate it has occured to me that there’s a direct correlation between people’s perception of LLG’s overnight success and the endless body transformation stories we see in the press.

It’s no wonder people get disenchanted with exercise regimens when the media continually runs stories of women – and men – who drop pounds and pounds, emerging with miraculous hard bodies after a few months, after pratting around with a rubber band once a week.

Whilst in the last month I have dropped some weight, watched my butt lift & tighten, seen nascent arm muscles appear from underneath the bingo wings, along with feeling better than ever, energized, re-invigorated, bendy and thrilled to have discovered that I actually LIKE training, it’s clear that it takes months of proper hard work to totally re-sculpt your body.

If you train effectively, as I am doing on Jonathan’s Total Body Plan, you will see good results in six weeks – but it’s a starting point, not a finish. It takes a huge amount of time, dedication, and commitment, along with proper diet and, yes, sacrifices to get a body gone to seed back into peak physical fitness. You can’t train effectively if you drink – because, believe me, hangovers do not go with doing bouncing sideways skips on the evil treadmill, you can’t shove everything in sight into your gob just because ‘you deserve it’ as you are training, and you have to be prepared to put in the hours.

But, as I have discovered over the past month, it’s worth every single second, and it’s weirdly enjoyable making such a positive change to my life. To the point where I am twitching to get back in this afternoon as I haven’t been in for four days and want to get back in the saddle.

LLG is training like a fiend with Jonathan Goodair and Christina Howells on their Total Body Plan

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I’m always surprised by how so many people think they can change their body in a matter of weeks. I have recently got into going to the gym on a regular basis, having always been fairly sporadic with my training – going for 6 weeks, stopping for a month or two, starting again – and it can be difficult to keep motivated when it takes a long time to see big changes. To keep me motivated, I’ve been focussing on what I achieve at each gym session. So maybe I ran a bit further this week, or managed to lift heavier or for more reps. Personally, I find it a much healthier wayof measuring performance than standing in front of the mirror pinching my wobbly bits and wondering if they’e shrunk or not!


@Twelve52: Yes, I completely agree with you. And I think a mixture of exercises really helps too.LLGxx


wow! really impressed with that post. as a total workout-phobic i find it really interesting that you can do a volte face….



@lulu: So am I hon, so am I! LLGxx


Oh well done Sasha! It’s so good to hear you are having positive results, but I’m bit puzzled by the diet part? Haven’t you been indulging as usual since the detox delivery diet you did last month.What with the Mialle mustard dinner and what – not
No criticism intended at all believe me. I’d just like to know that its possible not to have to live on boiled gruel and water in order for training to be effective.It would spur me on you see. Jx


@janie: But even if I ate exactly the same, surely it’s logical to assume that working out for 1.5hrs 3 x a wk wld have an effect?! LLGxx


Hey I’d love it to be so. Just hasn’t happened for me. So are you still eating the same sort of things as usual, just exercising alone is working for you? Maybe its cos I’m older than you, my body won’t budge. (sad face)
Anyhow I’m glad for you xJ


I’ve never really found a regular exercise plan that I stick to, I’m always thinking of great ways to keep myself motivated (which rarely work!) – I’ll check out that plan I should have already started!
Jenni x

I love all things Self Tan


Perfectly timed post. I am currently on struggle street regarding motivation to do some sport (if I call it exercise then I won’t do it) everyday. I just have to do it if I want my fitness back to what it was before I had a skiing accident!


@Ileana: I’m discovering that the key is to schedule it in my diary, so it becomes as important as another meeting…otherwise I just postpone/shrug it off! LLGxx


I’m so glad you’re doing this…& yes, I agree that too often ppl don’t understand how much work is involved. You’re a real inspiration, Sasha, bec. your voice is authentic.


You are such an incredible inspiration to all of us – and it’s precisely that hard work and commitment that has made you a rock-solid force to be reckoned with (as well as a legitimate voice in the industry).

And thank you for actually saying this about fitness! Although in reality we all know this, it can be so demoralising to attempt to get into shape (with SLOW results), when all we have to compare ourselves to are hard-bodied celebs. Go you!!

Briony xx


Hi Sasha, i loved this post! It’s very encouraging to hear. I’m just about to qualify as a GP, and am particularly interested in health promotion and the obesity epidemic; it can be a real struggle explaining to patients that hard work is required to achieve long lasting results! You have motivated me to e-mail Jonoathn Goodair; I’m a size 8/10 however I have zero fitness after 6 months of exams/assessments and I must re-start practising what I preach! xx

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