Supperclub Maille - 15

This was the first course that I prepared for my Maille mustard Supperclub at Spitalfields Market last week. There wasn’t a lot of prep space, so I knew that I wanted to do an assembled salad, and I wanted something with a combination of flavours to set the palate zinging towards the main course.

This plate is all about the contrasts of taste: the salt of the prosciutto against the tangy, rich creaminess of the buffalo mozzarella* against the sweetness of the peaches, all lifted and brought together with the green, grassy punch of the mustard-y dressing, along with the contrasts of texture: chewy, yielding, juicy…

Simply arrange your ingredients on the plate, pour over the dressing, and add a basil leaf.

This dressing was my mother’s Basil & Dijon mustard vinaigrette which can only be made in a food processor. It goes something like this:

a slug of extra virgin olive oil
a slug of vegetable oil (purists may wince but if yr good olive oil is very fruity or grassy then cutting it with a neutral oil stops it catching at the back of the throat)
More Maille 1747 Fine de Dijon mustard than you would normally use in a dressing
a splash of Maille White Wine Vinegar
a good pinch of Maldon salt & freshly ground black papper
a bunch of basil leaves, de stemmed.

Shove it all in a Magimix or similar and blend till all the ingredients are incorporated.

The mustard & oil will emulsify, so you get a lovely beige coloured, thick dressing flecked with green basil. The idea is that it’s incredibly mustard-y.

If it’s too thick add more oil. Correct the seasoning.
Pour over your salad.

Supperclub Maille - 14

This is a dish of sliced tomatoes & mozzarella I prepared in New Jersey in 2009, using NJ tomatoes at their peak. Divine.

Tomato & mozzarella salad with basil & Dijon mustard dressing

*(it needs the tang of the buffalo – I don’t think it really works with normal mozzarella)

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Looks incredible! I absolutely LOVE New Jersey tomatoes : D They were a staple of my childhood and I miss having them growing in my backyard.


Your food always looks fresh and interesting and a decent portion:)


Wow, this looks incredible!!! I love the balance of flavors and color. Can’t wait to try this recipe!!!

xo Ginger

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