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I have some requests for updates on Finchley & Max recently, so I thought I’d share these photos which arrived over the weekend from Yo. The caption for the first read: “Your baby is bored without you by the pool!”.

(I spent a chunk of 2009 staying in Colt’s Neck, New Jersey (click here for the NJ section of the blog) with my beloved boys and their two Basset Hounds. A very tiny Finchley arrived a week after me in a container from Colorado where he had been bred, and the boys promptly named him after the Finchley Road where they had lived in London. I blogged about them frequently, and they gained many, many fans all around the world. Here’s Finchley eating my shoes & being adorable & as a tiny puppy & here’s Maxou.)

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Yes! The return of Max and Finch – all grown up but still as cute x


bassets! thank you for the update, I LOVE that FInchley is named after the Finchley Road


Finchley and Max are adorable.


I began reading LLG when you were in NJ. It gave me such a lift to see the dogs, too, & it does today. Things have gone from not-very-good to very-much-worse but this is a real smile inducer today. Thanks so much to your friends, too.


Oh my, they are ADORABLE. I just cooed at my laptop screen.

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