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So, last night I cooked for a dozen people, friends, food writers, journalists &, of course, my LLG competition winners, at the Maille mustard boutique pop-up in Spitalfields Market in East London. And it really IS in the middle of the market. So no pressure or onlookers then. Ha.

Supperclub Maille - 05

We lost count of the amount of people who sidled over, picked up the menu and asked if they could have a table. Sorry guys. “Private event.”

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I also bought & arranged all the flowers: a little English posy in a jam jar at every place setting:

Supperclub Maille - 03

I particularly loved that there was a mustard pump in the middle of the counter:

Supperclub Maille - 24

The set up was one long counter. (Miss P & I resisted the temptation to put on a little cabaret from our show position behind it):

Supperclub Maille - 14

Philippa explained the truly extraordinary wines from Goedhuis & Co, course by course:

Supperclub Maille - 18

And she cooked in these, bless her:

Supperclub Maille - 19

(I wore my Ash booties – so clumsy, I didn’t dare risk wearing anything fancy.)

The bread came from St John Bread & Wine & the cheese came from Androuet just next door. A perfect brie & very good buffalo mozzarella.

Supperclub Maille - 01 Supperclub Maille - 30

Supperclub Maille - 10 Supperclub Maille - 09

Supperclub Maille - 07 Supperclub Maille - 06

And whilst I did cook everything else, I really did draw the line at making petit fours. So my good friends at the new Laduree store in Covent garden stepped into the breach and sent me 32 of these little lovelies to have with the coffee. Totally in keeping with the French theme, I feel…

Supperclub Maille - 39

Supperclub Maille - 40

The pop up mustard boutique is in situ until Sunday, so do pop in if you are in the vicinity. There are all sorts of tastings and events going on.

  • Venue Old Spitalfields Market
  • Location 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, EC1 6EW, London, England
  • Date July 13, 2011 at 09:00 – July 17, 2011 at 18:00

Thank you to Goedhuis & Co for the wine and to Laduree in Covent Garden for the macarons.

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congratulations. xoxo


@shayma: Thank you lovely LLGxx


The setup and the cuisine look amazing. Very excited to be coming along tonight.

Small detail, I think the postcode is E1 6EW (EC1 is close to Barbican!) i’m sure that everyone knows where Spitalfields is anyway!


@Louis: Thank you Louis. I hope you enjoyed your evening LLGxx


it looks so good and well done for cooking something so lovely in that space- wow- I’d have been a worrying- but you sound very organised and they do say that is the key. Macarons are so chic to go with coffee!


@Rose: I had a big Ocado delivery with all the groceries the day before, and visited the butcher on Monday to order the chickens. On Tuesday I visited the site to get an idea of everything, and ordered the bread & cheese from the local stores. All I then had to do on Weds am was get up at 7 to make the puree, dressing, gratins, almond cakes, and prep the beans. (The night before I packed all the dry goods & batterie de cuisine in big flat plastic boxes.) Then we got to the site about 530 (with guests due at 7) and got the chicken in the oven. Everything else was then a matter of plating… LLGxx


WOW that looks fab!
I am particularly intrigued by the black macaroons, what flavour could they be?
Nice courts by the way Jx


@janie: The black ones are reglisse – licorice! LLGxx


You certainly lead an interesting life, LLG, full of special opportunities like this! You reach new frontiers of being a fashion writer, and when that includes macarons and mustard pumps, the thrill is felt the world over.

What a charming event it was!


@Suzanna: Bless you! And yup, I don;t really do boring! LLGxx


I am with you on the heels… even though I am only 5 foot tall, think I would have gone with flats in that situation!


@American Suburbanite in Rural England: O GOD – can you imagine?! I wld have gone flat on my face in front of all the guests! LLGxx

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