Tomorrow sees the first drop of French lingerie label Etam’s AW11 collection. I got a sneak preview at their press day a few weeks back – and very much liked what I saw. Which surprised me for two good reasons: firstly Etam in the UK is still synonymous amongst my generation with a now defunct over here & particularly low rent High Street fashion brand which reached its pinnacle in the 80s – and had a revolting teen range called Tammy Girl, over which we lusted and our mothers fainted in horror, and secondly French lingerie brands generally only sell underwear suitable for the more, let us say, bee stung amongst us.

So I popped in, more out of politesse than real desire, and left jacked up on sugar from Laduree macarons, and utterly charmed by the pastel palette and lovely underpinnings. Whilst the bras were clearly not in my ball park, let alone the county, the camisoles, knickers & nighties were really pretty. Affordable too, at prices ranging from: Nightdresses £25 to £50, bras £18 to 35 and knickers £8 to £20.

Etam are pushing hard to own the European High Street lingerie space. They already put on a lingerie fashion show extravaganza pegged onto Paris Fashion Week at a cost of what must be hundreds of thousands of euros, and have signed Natalia Vodianova as their face – er, body.


To be fair tho, there are still some shockers lurking on the site (do not, I beg of you, investigate the shoe & handbag offer), and obviously what was shown to the press was a pretty heavy edit, but nonetheless the website is definitely worth a poke around. (And my spies tell me that Etam are looking into expanding their bra sizing to be more appropriate for the UK market.)

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I like Etam Lingerie. Here in France they’ve a decent range for everyday wear. Just perfect.


Oh bother, no 70 backs. They are pretty though…When I was 12 I coveted the most hideous purple corduroy flares from Tammy. They were elephant cord, deep purple and when I wore them I could stand straight and my legs would not touch the fabric anywhere except my waist. God they were hideous. Memories…


Ignore that, French bra sizing isn’t European bra sizing. Useful…


Haha I used to love Tammy Girl! But you’re right, it was vile.


I’ve always been put off Etam lingerie because of the association with the awful 80’s high street brand but this really is beautiful. Will have to investigate further.

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