One of the benefits to being naturally blonde is not having to shave my legs very often – I’ve never had a leg wax, and I intend that that shall always the case. So when an offer to test out the Bliss leg wax  at London’s Elemis day spa arrived, I immediately passed it on to the LLG assistant, Katie Rose, who knows more about these things than I ever could.

Tucked down a winding alleyway behind Bond Street, the Elemis day spa has an enviable location: central enough to be convenient but hidden away from the hub bub of Oxford Street.  Having meandered down South Molton Lane and past the Diptyque boutique, I let my London game face relax as I walked into the calm, scented air-conditioned reception on the hottest day of the year.

I was booked in for cult New York beauty brand Bliss’ poetic strip wax. ‘Blissful’, though, is not typically an adjective associated with waxing. (Not to mention waxing pain was a distant memory as it had been a while since my last leg wax – I’ve been experimenting with epilators!)  Previously Bliss products and treatments have only been available at Bliss spas but they have recently brought their waxing treatments to Elemis.

Sucking down a fruit smoothie, I filled out my consultation form (including a brief description of my skincare routine and worries) before meeting my therapist Amanda, who took me two floors up a spiral staircase to the treatment room, where I removed the tights which had been hiding my desperately-in-need-of-a-wax legs and settled down under a printed sarong as Amanda set to work on my legs.

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Using heated mitts she rubbed down my feet and ankles to relax me and then my legs were cleansed with rose and camomile oil.  (This is done to prepare the skin and prevent reactionary inflammation to the wax.)  Starting with the back of my legs first she applied the wax.  While I can’t claim this was an utterly painless experience the slight sting of hair removal was no worse than I was expecting and subsided instantly.  After one side was completely smooth, Amanda massaged rose and camomile gel into my skin and rubbed away the any residue wax with the mitts.  She then repeated this process on the front and sides of my legs.

Once my legs were silky smooth again Amanda added some drops of lime oil to the heated mitts to lightly fragrance my legs and then massaged rose and camomile moisturiser all over.  I’m delighted to see that the combination of lotions and potions has prevented my skin coming up like a plucked chicken as it has in the past.

Given that this is often be a painful experience, I found the attention and pampering took the edge off and even (I know), makes it quite pleasurable.  As my first experience at the Elemis Day Spa, it was a pretty good introduction, and having now seen the indulgent spa menu, I’ll be back.

Bliss Waxing A4 PDF

Full leg wax using Bliss poetic strip wax £55

Elemis day-spa, 2-3 Lancashire Court, Mayfair, London W1S 1EX


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