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As you may know from the blog, two weeks ago I finished a week on the Raw Fairies Detox diet. This was planned to be a kick start to a new health regime. Not just one of healthy eating, but one of proper hardcore exercise.

No, that doesn’t sound much like me, does it? But after last year’s illness and weight yo-yo (which I wrote about here), I haven’t felt really like me again since.

When I got back from Singapore, where I had some space to do a lot hard thinking, I was determined to make a change to my lifestyle. And taking on a personal training regimen was the first step. The best word for my body right now is soft, and I suspect that everything from my amour propre to my posture will be improved if I address my floppy muscle tone.

But really there are two good reasons for wanting to start proper, regular exercise: my sister’s MS & deteriorating physicality has made me very aware that my body is a machine for living that needs maintaining  – and frankly, whilst I eat sensibly, I do no exercise bar intermittent cycling following my illness and hospitalisation last year. I need to get back on track.

The second is vanity:  I booked the amazing Hunter campaign, and have a raft of public appearances lined up over the next few months. Believe me:  nothing makes you more aware of a need to get fit than seeing constant film & photography of yourself. Mmmm…hello double chin.

So two weeks ago yesterday I embarked upon a hardcore regimen with the amazing Jonathan Goodair and his number two the brilliant Christina Howells, who operate out of  the fitness studios at Home House. They specialise in training the female form and have a unique approach which involves treadmill aerobics and reformer pilates, along with all manner of exercises from barre work to rubber bands that are currently killing me. (In a good way.)

Jonathan Goodair helped sculpt Madonna’s jaw-dropping body, along with helping train and condition England rugby players, Olympic runners, and a host of celebrity clients, whilst Christina has trained both Ralph Fiennes and Minnie Driver, and helped Emily Mortimer get back into shape after giving birth. AND NOW THEY GET ME. HA.

Now that I am two weeks into the regimen & know that I am going to be able to see it through, I am going to start blogging regularly about the experience, so that you can see if it helps me achieve my goal of mens sana in corpore sano.

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I can’t wait to read about this. I’m in a real training lull myself and need some motivation and inspiration!


I’m glad you will start blogging about your experience! I love reading about other people’s approach to fitness since mine is not very straight forward either and I’m always looking for inspiration. At the moment I’m looking for something I can do in the NY heat since running is out of the question for me at the moment. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing!


Wish you luck!
Also I hope your post will motivate me to step back to my routine as I abandoned it about 4month ago and gaines stones since ;x



Yes! It feels so bad, and yet the runner’s high that you get from exercise is amazing. Absolute best of luck!


Lucky you! I’m a bit of a fitness junkie, and lacking the sort of budget necessary to train with Jonathan Goodair (I’m a student…), I am certainly looking forward to living vicariously through your blog posts!

It sounds like you’ve already made loads of progress, and no doubt you’ll continue to do incredibly.


I trained with Christina for about two years – she is a genius. Sadly, I had to wrench myself away from her when I loved to Sydney. And my core has never been the same since! Enjoy – you will be amazed at how amazing your body can be.


Good luck, sounds tough but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!


this sounds amazing, I work from about 8am to usually 7pm and then often do blog stuff in the evening and fitting in excercise is really hard. I just did the London to Brighton bike ride (54 miles) and although I was glad to complete it made me realise I really need to be on that bike a great deal more!


Sounds brilliant! And I’m glad the regimen incorporates Pilates. I know I must sound like an obsessed cultist, but it transformed my post-bear body! It’s really rather incredible! Can’t wait to hear about the results (and, hopefully, see them in a not-too-distant future). Xx


Congratulations on your new adventure into a healthier lifestyle! I too had a health scare (8 years ago). It kicked me into realizing that my body is a machine and it’s up to me to help keep it working well. It’s no longer a choice, but a necessity as I have 3 young boys that depend on my being around for them. Pilates was my choice too & I bought a reformer. (I chose it because I could lay down while doing it. Yes, I can be lazy.) One tip: focus on your successes, not your failures. If you miss a session get right back on schedule and be proud of yourself for doing so. I wrote this article a while ago, but it still may be of help to you. Again, good luck, and I am looking forward to reading about your progress.

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