Hello. How may I help? I’m calling down again to the front desk at Luton Hoo Hotel with yet another random request, and not once do they falter. May I borrow a bike this evening to explore the park at sundown? That’s fine. Do you have an American to UK adaptor? I’ll find one. Is the gym still open? Let us get you a golf cart to take you there. What’s the internet code? (for the third time)….and so on…always charming, the reception staff are the cherry on top of this Palladian wedding cake of a hotel.

As I am such a last minute arrival, I have been given not the cupboard that my idiocy deserves, but the Queen Mary suite, two rooms so large that I regret not being able to hold a cocktail party here as it would fit forty or so people with ease.


IMG_0059 IMG_0058

I have two bathrooms, one with a beautiful stand alone roll top bath, and one with a walk in shower. The bedroom, hidden behind a secret door is, hands down, the most alluring I have slept in for LLG, because it feels like part of a home – albeit an extremely grand one.


There is a simply giant bed with a half tester, marble fireplace, antique furniture, (proper dressing table, cheval mirror and chest of drawers), and a dressing room with another (locked) external door, which I presume must have been an erstwhile servant’s entrance in the days from when the people staying here had ladies maids and valets. The view from the bed is over the sweeping courtyard at the front of the house and out over the landscaped grounds,

It’s a joy in sleep in a bedroom which, with it’s irregular shape and soaring ceiling is part of the fabric of the house, not a thinly-disguised & soulless corporate box carved out of a bigger space courtesy of sheetrock & plaster. Staying here in this room, with its hotpotch of beautiful furniture, soaring windows & covetable chandelier, is the closest I think anyone could get to replicating the experience of staying in a private stately home.

IMG_0056 IMG_0055

All that’s missing are damp sheets, moulting Labradors on the bed, & the obligatory biscuit tin and water carafe found bedside in smart homes – oh and the ladies maid. I kept thinking of Fanny’s description of staying at Hampton in Love in a Cold Climate, and of Emily Fox-Seton staying at Mallowe in The Making of a Marchioness and thinking I was rather glad to have the best of both worlds.

Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa The Mansion House, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 3TQ, United Kingdom


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Oooh, sounds glorious! It’s not far from the in-laws. Perhaps Mr. J and I can have a night away from the Bear when we’re over for Christmas. It really does sound like my dream hotel! X


@Lolly: Oh you’d love it darling! Bend his arm! I will say that this is def a hotel where the bigger the room, the nicer they are. And make sure you get one in the main house, as there are two extensions, which although perfectly fine, don’t have the thrill of walking up the magnificent staircase to bed…LLGxx


Gods above, that looks incredible. Do you think they’d mind if I were to move in?! x


@Blonde: I did contemplate hiding in a wardrobe instead of checking out…LLGxx


this hotel looks beyond wonderful, I want to fly from Luton just to have a reason to stay there- it’s like the dream of living in a real country house could come true for one night


@Rose: Yes, that’s exactly it! And goodness it made Luton more bearable the next am. LLGxx


It looks very comfortable if a little traditional – should I be popping down to Somerfield to stock up on biscuits for my guest room? I fear that if the children spotted them the tin would be empty by the time the guests arrived.


@heather on her travels: Well, I think the whole point is that they have kept the decor in the spirit of the house. LLGxx


I’ve just looked through the hotels site and squealed with glee! You can take your dogs there too. Well that’s perfection for me then.
You’re a lucky bugger to have stayed there in that huge suite too!

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