I was particularly thrilled to dig up this 1984 Vogue in my attic rummaging. It’s the mastheads I always turn to first, hunting for names I know, to see where fashion’s greats started their careers. This was an excellent masthead for poring over: the legendary Bea Miller at top, Grace as Fashion Editor, Alex Shulman’s mother Drusila Beyfus as Associate/Features Editor, the inspirational Deborah Hutton as Health Editor, who passed away from lung cancer a few years back, my Twitter friend Josa Keyes as Copy Assistant, my aunt’s great friend Mandy Clapperton in Fashion Promotions. (who owns some of the most snuggly long-haired dachshunds I’ve ever seen), Arabella Boxer as food editor – whose cookbooks I grew up with.

And then there are eye openers like Lucinda Chambers down there in the beauty department as a beauty/fashion features writer


The fashion is fascinating. There’s this (definitely dated) studio shoot by Albert Watson. The stylists aren’t credited, but Chloe & I thought maybe Liz Tilberis?


And this extraordinary, timeless portfolio by Bruce Weber.  (No dogs or bare-chested muscular youth in sight). I’m going to take a punt and say this looks like Grace? Anybody?






It was looking at stories like this when I was really very little that instilled in me my love of fashion. No one tells a story like Grace Coddington.

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This was fun to look at. Thanks for sharing!


It’s always so nice to take a step back in time with fashion! thanks for sharing this!


Such beautiful images!

I think that last shoot is in the “Unseen Vogue” coffee table book. They have some beautiful outtakes of the final picture. I can have a look and try to scan it if you’d like…


This is one of the last issues I worked on before leaving. It is extraordinary seeing those names all together again. I went back in 2006 to be acting features editor and it was all very unchanged, except my ex boss Drusilla’s daughter Alex is now editor. The Bruce Weber shoots were always done by Liz Tilberis. Can’t remember who did the other one. But the model was the first Lady Althorp – first wife of Princess Diana’s brother.


Interresting post! I love the ’80s! Thanks for that!


PS, covers were so much nicer before coverlines took over like a creeping army of too many words.


Great post and thanks for writing my favourite blog. I could be wrong, but this reads like Deborah Hutton is dead. That’s news to me. I’m pretty sure she’s alive and well.


@Rosemary: Hi Rosemary. This is not the Australian Deborah Hutton, but the English one. Here’s her obit from The Telegraph. It’s a tragic story.



It’s interesting to see how magazines (and their mastheads) evolve over the years and funny to think that less than 20 years ago, stylists were basically invisible. I wonder when – and where – they first started getting credits for their work.


The Bruce Weber would have been styled by Liz Tilberis. They collaborated brilliantly, and every image was a winner. I would have written the captions, not being allowed ot use the word ‘bottom’ always ‘below’. It is lovely to see it again. The cover blows me away in comparison to modern bland ones across the entire news stand. What a treat.

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