I do love a book that is all about my favourite things, and inside the covers of Josie Curran’s Book of Summer are such delights as picnic suggestions, a elderflower cordial recipe, midnight walk ideas, even instructions on catching glow worms. I was so taken with the book that I asked Josie if she’d like to do a guest post for LLG about something lovely & summery – her suggestion back to me was ideas for messing about on the river. That’s wonderful, said I, and here it is:

“There’s a rumour that in England this month the sun will remember its sunbeams from its smiling face in time to give us a decent summer. If, like me, you enjoy a spot of verdure with your vista then now’s the time to head to the river. I’m biased on the subject as we live on a houseboat on an island on the Thames and ever since we arrived our lives have been transformed from urban indulgence to something that more closely resembles the pages of Wind in the Willows.

Lounging on the boat
(Josie & friends)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. These days I’d rather be getting my summer kicks from an afternoon skating my toes on the surface of the water than being served a challenging cocktail in a concept bar by someone called Eros. If you fancy a trip to life’s simple pleasures, then here are some tips for a sunny day by the river.

  • Paddleboarding involves standing up on a long surfboard and paddling yourself along is a great way to explore our waterways. To give it a go in London head to the Blue Chip Surf Shop, alternatively search on Google for your nearest provider
  • Wild swimming provides an exhilarating duck’s perspective of our waterways. For inspiration grab a copy of Roger Deakin’s book Waterlog: A Swimmer’s Journey Through Britain
    , otherwise if you’re in the UK check out the OSS website
  • Exploring our river ways by boat is the best way to appreciate the nostalgic charm of our rivers. Whether it’s kayaking the city or lounging on a Slipper Launch, simply Google day hire boat providers in your area.”

Josie Curran’s The Book of Summer: How to Stretch Out Those Halcyon Days is published by Virgin and is out now. Visit Josie’s blog at www.josie-curran.com


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I’m so jealous of people who live in places where summer is actually enjoyable and one wants to be outside. I live in the 90 to 100 degree muggy swamp known as Washington DC and I already am pining for Labor Day, the official end of summer. When I *want* to leave the cool air conditioned indoors, I can’t go outside with out getting soaked with sweat. So clothes choices are all about the things that can immediately go in the wash that night. Before this, I lived in Texas. Maybe its time to start investigating Maine or London as a new home.


Erica if you want to live in a country where you can enjoy summer, do not choose London! It’s nice on the, like, three days per year when you can enjoy it, but overall summer in this country is a JOKE.


Claire, 🙂 I’ll trade you for a week in August! That’s the worst.

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