I’ve always lived hard by Hampstead Heath,  but my new(-ish) London flat is minutes from Regent’s Park, so I’m getting used to the busier, more urban feel of its paths and byways. We are very close to the Zoo so there are always confused-looking tourists, along with the summer softball players, and dogwalkers.

I fully intend to make the most of the Park this summer. Posetta Baddog can’t believe her luck: she has a little London garden at Lil’sis’ but with me she gets acres to play in. Usually I take her out about 530pm, but the weather was so beautiful yesterday that I caved at 330pm. I packed my Bayswater with my Mac, BlackBerry, camera, water & Raw Fairies juices plus snacks for the hound and off we went.


I found a great tree to prop up against whilst I was writing and, in between paragraphs, threw balls for the dog.


(Her MO is to push the soggy ball with her nose towards me, closer and closer, until I relent and throw it for her.)



A perfect set up.

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Ahhh Bliss!


I love Posetta Baddog!


Sounds like the ideal doggie lifestyle! Great toes (yours!).


Even in the shade I struggle to see my macbook screen – is there a secret method I’m unaware of? I usually end up giving myself a borderline migraine!


Your Mac has fingerprints all over it. You’re not supposed to touch your screen — or if you do, you’re not supposed to have eaten a peanut-butter-and-marmite sandwich directly prior to the touching. Also your toenails don’t match your Mac. Also, what’s up with the Mac; you used to have a PC. Also, is that a hacksaw next to your left thigh? Why would one bring a hacksaw to a public park unless to start cutting down trees? That’s not good for The Planet. Also your sunglasses are on the ground, which means you’re not wearing them, but it’s sunny out. For the love of god, LLG, please put on your sunglasses; you’ll burn your eyes out — hope you get this in time and haven’t already gone blind. Also that final photo looks like it’s from Blow-Up; are you planning on murdering someone? Also you’re not wearing your new boots despite the fact that you are required to wear them everywhere, including while sleeping and certainly while lounging in public places, for a year; perhaps you didn’t read the fine print.


@Avocado: ha ha, too funny! The scary thing is that I’m sure there are people out there who would post these comments seriously!

PS. LOVE the nails, LLG. Although they may accidentally blind some passerby, causing them injury. Why won’t you think of the children when you paint your nails?


In a grimy little basement, I am seething with jealousy. x


What a perfect afternoon! Revision has forced me to lock myself in my room and pretend its raining outside (but man, the sun is shining today!) while I try to focus on course work. Needless to say I am incredibly jealous of your life right now…


Two key elements of a great post.

Fabulous legs and a cute dog. Doesn’t get better.


Regent’s Park is the best! When I arrived in London two weeks ago, it was one of the first places I visited. I also wandered up Primrose Hill – now that was an incredible way to see London!


That is ridiculously adorable when he nuzzles the ball to you.

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