Raw Fairies

This was on my doorstep first thing this morning. My inaugural delivery from Raw Fairies.

It contained the following, which is my ENTIRE day’s food intake, in the order it would be ingested. Eek.


Well, not the dacshie mug. That represents the hot water & lemon I’m supposed to be drinking when I wake up. The detox programme is structured “as a progression from a full raw food diet to a lighter diet of gourmet salad, juices and smoothies, to a juice fast (on Wednesday), and then back through the same stages.” That means today I got what anyone on their delivery service would get.

  • Raspberry Smoothie with Tocotrieniols and ‘Super Seed Blend’
    (raspberry, banana, tocotrieniols, super seed blend: flax seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed and sesame seed)
  • Green Smoothie with Chlorella and Spirulina
    (kiwi, banana, spinach, chlorella and spirulina)
  • Sprouted Lentil and Pineapple Salad
    (sprouted lentil, pineapple, courgette, carrot, cucumber, freh coriander, red onion,salad leaves, lime juice, olive oil, Himalayan pink salt, cumin)
  • Italian Pizza on 2 Seed Onion Crust
    (flax seed, sunflower seed, red onion, courgette, portobello mushroom, tomato, sun dried tomato, black olives, red pepper, nama shoyu, olive oil, lemon juice, Himalayan pink salt, cashews)
  • Arame, Green Olive and Romaine Lettuce with Tahini Dressing
    (arame, celery, green olive, romaine lettuce, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, cider vinegar, maple syrup, Himalayan pink salt)

There’s also a bottle of ‘lemonade’, which I think has maple syrup in it from the taste, which you drink first thing.

This is the salad I had for lunch. Apart from the lack of protein, it’s actually pretty similar to the kind of thing I usually have for lunch.


I’ve done a restricted diet recently – at the Viva Mayr Clinic, so I know vaguely how the whole hunger thing will go. Most important of all is not to neck the morning allowance, as the hours after lunch and supper reallllllly stretch out otherwise, especially if you are like me and wake late and work late. So I ended up listening to my body, and had my mid-morning Green Smoothie at 12pm and my lunch around 2pm.

It’s now 1748hrs and I am pretty damn hungry. And all I have left to go is my raw pizza and teeny tiny salad. It’s a very good thing I have an empty week in my diary as I would not be good company. Tomorrow evening lil’sis and I are off to check out The Sanctuary Spa’s new treatment menu so that should take my mind off things somewhat. I hear from friends that Wednesday’s juice only day is an absolute killer.

Next week I start training four times a week with personal trainer Jonathan Goodair & his team, and will be back to my normal diet. (There’s no way you can train properly on 1500 calories a day – and Jonathan won’t let you.) This week is by way of a kick start to health.


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Oh wow.. Wednesday sounds rough! hang in there.. I cant wait to follow your workout/trainer progress! I must admit I think the end results will be so cool… but like you I wouldn’t be good company either…
Take care,


I’m sure you’ll look and feel beautiful and healthy next week! Enjoy your spa treat tomorrow and hang in there!


Good luck with the detox! I did ‘Clean’ last year and I loved it. It was hard, especially in the evenings but it gives you a great sense of accomplishment once you are through. 5 days are not so bad! Looking forward to reading how it goes for you.



Oh blergh. Eyes on the prize and all that. Courage, I suppose, in the European vernacular. Good luck, universally.


I’m sorry, but that looks horrible! I think I could do something like that minus the smoothies, which I could do if it wasn’t a smoothie but the actual food that’s in the smoothie. Good thing it’s only 5 days!


@Courtney: I’ve never had a vege juice before as I thought they’d be gross, but actually: they’re good! LLGxx


At least it’s colorful.


I’ve been super-surprised: the salad and pizza were actively tasty. The raspberry smoothie was not nice, but not so foul as to be undrinkable…LLGxx


Does this program use organic ingredients? The insecticides, fungicides and herbicides used on fruits and vegitables are really scary – you’d need another detox after a concentrated diet of them.


It looks rather tasty actually. It’s just the portion sizes that make me want to weep. I admire your fortitude. I really do. But, and this is a very selfish thing to say, I am glad you are only doing it for a week, because I would miss your restaurant reviews and recipes too much otherwise. Good luck.x


Yes, enjoy your spa treatments today. I just love the name “Raw Fairies.” I checked them out the other day just because of the name. You are braver than moi, m’dear. Good luck!

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